If you’ve been following me at Eat Your Beets for any length of time you know that I’m all about a veggie centered, whole food approach to feeding your family (with a little fun on the side, amIright?).

I believe whole food eating, especially for kiddos, that focuses on nutrient dense foods while eliminating foods that might cause inflammation are so vital. Especially in the highly processed ‘mac & cheese, frozen dino nugget, fish cracker, kid food’ craze marketers keep pushing on us.

That’s why I was so interested when my friends at Suja Juice reached out to me to talk about their new book, The Suja Juice Solution.

When we started Arthur on GAPS, fresh pressed juices are recommended & were definitely intended to be apart of the program but in all honesty, they were the first thing that fell off once we really got into the swing of healing him. I wish I’d kept with the juicing but with everything else happening… juicing just wasn’t one of those. Now that we’ve been working on his gut health for 2 years, I’m really hopeful he can start to readily absorb the minerals & nutrients & benefit greatly from adding fresh juices back into his diet.

When Suja Juice reached out to me to see if I might be interested in not only reviewing their book, receiving a Breville juicer + Whole Foods gift card, but also hosting a giveaway so one of my lucky readers would win all of that as well, I was thrilled but… I had questions first. As you know, here at Eat Your Beets, I make it a policy of only sharing content & products that I would use or purchase myself so after a phone chat that answered all my Q’s I was really excited to learn more about this book.


It’s been called ‘the anti juice cleanse’ program. While Suja supports your rights to liquify your diet as you choose, this book intends for you to also eat well balanced meals (YES – Please EAT!!) & eliminate any potentially inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, alcohol, etc), all while adding in 3 healthy juices a day. Their mission is to help support you in a sustainable way so that you can establish healthy dietary habits that are easy to maintain long term. 

Wait – let’s hear that again: adding fresh fruit & vegetable (juice) into your daily routine (while also eating whole foods) in a sustainable way so you can establish routines you’ll be able to maintain for the long term.

Yep, that’s pretty much what I’m all about here, folks.

The Suja Juice Solution has two simple steps – Drink nutrient-dense juice in combination with eating healthier, whole foods.

The book starts with a 7-day reset program. After the 7-day reset, you’re invited to extend the program from 7 days to a full 28 days, if you choose, including a maintenance plan that can be tailored specifically for you.

Loaded with 75 juice & meal recipes, grocery shopping lists, meal plans & beautiful pictures, The Suja Juice Solution makes it easy & approachable to jump into their 7-day reset program (& beyond).

Is this book Paleo friendly?

Because here, at Eat Your Beets, our family follows a mostly Paleo/Primal eating style, I’m certain many of you are wondering if this book is Paleo friendly.

Gluten & dairy are definitely excluded in all the meal plans & recipes in the book. At certain points in the program they invite you to add lentils/legumes & then gluten free grains into your diet if you so choose. Because those items are things we just don’t happen to eat much of in our family, it’s likely that we won’t be adding those in.

Here’s where I’d like to readdress something I talk about continually. My ideal diet doesn’t look like your ideal diet. In fact, I truly believe that if you’re working on eating whole foods, there’s no one way to be healthy. The Suja Juice Solution does something very important where it tells you to “Notice how you feel after you eat ____“. Wow! Imagine the concept of actually listening to your body tell you how it feels – intuitive eating – & then avoiding the foods that make you feel poorly. Out of the 75 creative & colorful recipes in the book, I found 13 that call for either beans or gluten free grains – & in each recipe you could easily make a substitution of something like cauliflower rice for grains (unless you’re #teamrice then enjoy!) , chopped chicken for beans or leave them out completely. In the couple of recipes that call for tamari (a gluten free soy sauce) if you’d prefer to avoid that, you could easily substitute coconut aminos.

So, while not technically a hard & fast ‘Paleo book’, there are plenty of great recipes here that are both tasty & Paleo friendly & that focus on flavor while encouraging you to listen to #1 (that’s you!!!).

So are you ready for the big news! Suja Juice has partnered up with me to do this amazing giveaway! Up for grabs are:

  • A copy of The Suja Juice Solution
  • Breville juicer
  • $500 gift card to Whole Foods!

And since there can only be one winner, Suja has offered to give Eat Your Beets readers 7 FREE Suja coupons with proof of purchase (receipt) of The Suja Juice Solution. Simply email Sam@SujaJuice.com to show your receipt & get your free coupons!

No purchase necessary to enter, void where prohibited, due to international giveaway laws, entrants must be US residents, aged 18 & older. Contest will end Friday, April 10 @ 10am central time. Winner will be notified via email. GOOD LUCK! Full Disclosure, Giveaway & Privacy Policy here.