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Hi There! Welcome To Eat Your Beets! I’m super excited to meet you online.

My name is Angela Milnes and I’m a Blogger, Previous Teacher, Cook and Beetroot Lover who loves to share both Healthy and Easy Recipes here at Eat Your Beets.

My Background

I was born In Yorkshire, England, however I moved to New Zealand with my family in my teens. As a child I had a keen interest in both cooking and nutrition and most Sunday’s you’d find me in the kitchen with my sister (Dr Brunt) cooking a delicious roast dinner.

As a high school student I studied home economics and further developed my talents for cooking and in 2000, I won a national recipe competition.

Restaurant/Teaching Experience

During my University years I worked evening shifts at the Auckland Valentines Restaurant in New Zealand and in 2006 I worked in a Restaurant whilst living overseas in the Pacific Island of Tonga.

I’m a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Grad Diploma in ECE Teaching. I’ve taught Cooking Classes To Adults With Special Needs as well as Teaching Recipes To New Parents and studying Nutrition For Infants and Toddlers as part of my professional teacher development. 

In 2010 I returned to the United Kingdom with my daughter. A few years later I was diagnosed with a life changing illness, Adrenal Insufficiency. My life changed dramatically. I spent two years using a wheelchair and many days in hospital during which time I became a blogger. 

Days in Bed and the Inspiration Edit

My very first blog was called Days In Bed. It focussed on being a Mother with Chronic illness. In 2015 I was named Parent Blogger of the year at the Mumprenuer UK Awards and in 2016 I was nominated for the Wego Health Awards, as a patient leader on social media.

I was also nominated that same year for a MADS Award as a Top UK Parent Blogger and shortlisted for the Inspire category at the BritMums Blogging Awards 2016.

In 2017 I changed the name of my blog to The Inspiration Edit. I began sharing fun crafts and recipes and continued to share my story. That year I was named a finalist at the BritMums Blogging Awards Inspire Category and again in 2018 in the BritMums Blogging Awards Pinterest Category. I had built a following of around 60 thousand on Pinterest and was regularly sharing easy recipes for The Instant Pot. 

In 2019 I won and was named Best Campaign Creator in the UK by the Britmums Influencer Network and was featured in the Lancashire Evening Post. I regularly shared recipes on my family site and collaborated with food brands across the UK.

Moving Home to New Zealand

In 2021, following two years of lockdown, I moved back to New Zealand with my daughter and husband. I had struggled to get the medical care I needed during covid and my health had taken a turn for the worse. 

We settled in Dunedin, near my sister, Dr Deborah Brunt, an integrative health doctor, who is supporting me as I battle newly diagnosed health conditions including Hypothyroidsm, Kidney Failure, Gall Stones and Diabetes. As a result of my health issues, I started eating healthier and lost over 30kg’s (66lbs) over two years.

Eat Your Beets

Upon changing my diet and eating habits, I purchased the domain Eat Your Beets, a recipe site that encourages Healthy eating, shares fantastic veggie recipes and delicious drinks.

As a foodie, I get enjoyment from sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I have to admit, physically cooking with a daily illness and chronic exhaustion is a challenge for me. I plan the meals and recipes with ease, but the actual physical task of cooking can be difficult as I often feel exhausted. 

Creating recipes for Eat Your Beets is a family affair. I usually sit at the table to chop veg and prep food. My daughter will bring me the ingredients as I don’t have the strength to walk to and from the pantry. My husband (the man behind the scenes), takes photos of the cooking process and the end result so we can share the recipes we make here on Eat Your Beets.

My Culinary Journey

Whilst my culinary journey began young, and I’ve  taught cooking skills and worked in restaurants, I simply cooked for my family after becoming a Mother at 27. I loved to cook regularly for my daughter and would visit my elderly grandparents and batch cook freezer meals for them each week. 

After becoming a blogger I’ve had the opportunity to attend many food events, meet some great chefs and review a variety of restaurants and kitchen products. Here are a few highlights:

Co-op Food Bloggers Meet Up  – Creating A Vegetable Train

Sorted Food Studio London – Cooking With Chef Ben Ebbrell

Morses Club Food Challenge – Homemade Potato Soup Recipe

Ocado Collaboration WIth Cannamela  – Saffron Risotto With Chorizo 

Thai Khun Restaurant – Thai Food Review

Tesco Supermarket Collaboration Crispy Loaded Hasselback Potatoes

Wagamama Manchester Restaurant – Japanese Food Review

Richmond 600G Gas Cooker Review Cooking With Richmond

Cooking In Soho London With UK Celebrity Masterchef Winner Angelica Bell

ObesityHelp – Creating Bariatric friendly recipes. Cucumber Bites and Devilled Eggs

New Zealand Auckland Food Show – Invited To Review For Social Media


Professional Career

  • 2001-2006  Restaurant Worker – Valentines Restaurant NZ  & Kainga Restaurant Tonga
  • 2006-2008  Teacher/Head Teacher – Dinsdale Education Center, Hamilton New Zealand 
  • 2013- 2023  Full time Blogger at Days In Bed/The Inspiration Edit/The Instant Pot Table


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