What Does Plantain Taste Like?

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Are you curious about the flavor of plantain? ‘What Does Plantain Taste Like?’ What is a Plantaina and now we have the chance to discuss what these fruits taste like. This starchy, versatile fruit resembles a banana but has a unique taste that will delight any palate.

Plantains have been used in many different diets worldwide and are becoming increasingly popular – for a good reason! In this article, we’ll explore what plantains taste like and some exciting ways to prepare them.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

What Are Plantains?

Plantains, often called “cooking bananas,” are banana cultivars, a staple food in many tropical regions worldwide. They belong to the genus Musa, including the sweet, dessert bananas we’re more familiar with.

However, plantains are not fruits in the conventional sense; instead, they are treated more like vegetables due to their firm texture and starchy content. Depending on their ripeness, they can be found with yellow or black skin.

Unlike dessert bananas, plantains are commonly cooked before eating, whether boiled, baked, or fried, and are used in various savory dishes. Their unique flavor and versatility make them essential to numerous culinary traditions.

Are Raw Bananas Called Plantains?

Many people think plantains are unripe bananas, but this isn’t true.

Raw bananas, often called plantains, are a distinct variety of the banana family. “plantain” is widely used to differentiate them from the sweet or dessert bananas we are more familiar with.

Yellow plantains share a closer resemblance to traditional bananas due to their softer texture. A critical distinction between bananas and plantains lies in their consumption methods.

Unlike bananas which can be eaten raw, like most fruits, plantains require cooking before eating.

The most noticeable difference lies in their appearance. Plantains have thicker skin that is tougher and harder to peel than regular bananas. This thicker skin acts as a protective layer for the starchy fruit inside.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

Types of Plantains

  1. Horn Plantains: (Plátano Cuerno): These large plantains, measuring around 12-14 inches long, have a green hue when unripe, offering a starchy Green Plantain Taste. They turn yellow and black as they ripen, developing a semi-sweet flavor.
  2. French Plantains: (Plátano Francés): Medium-sized at around 7-8 inches long, these plantains are also green when unripe, providing a similar starchy taste to green plantains. They gradually turn yellow and then dark, with their flavor becoming semi-sweet as they ripen.
  3. Dominican Plantains: (Plátano Dominicano): Smaller in size, typically about 6 inches long, these start off green, with the characteristic Green Plantain Taste. They turn yellow with black spots when ripe, signaling the development of a slight-sweet flavor.
  4. Nino Plantains: (Plátano Niño) are the most minor plantains, usually 4-5 inches long. They are green when unripe, offering the green plantain taste, and develop a semi-sweet flavor as they turn yellow during ripening.
  5. African Plantains: These very large plantains, often 15 inches or more in length, are typically green when unripe, offering a starchy taste. Their color turns yellow and then black when fully ripe, indicating the emergence of a semi-sweet flavor.
  6. Machos Plantains: These medium-sized plantains, typically around 8-10 inches long, start as green, providing the typical Green Plantain Taste. As they ripen, turning deep yellow with black spots, they develop a semi-sweet flavor reminiscent of an overripe, yellow plantain.

How Would You Describe the Taste of Plantains?

Plantain’s taste is a unique experience for the taste buds, often described as a cross between a banana and a potato.

Raw plantains have a starchy texture akin to a raw potato, and their flavor can be pretty bland, almost like a squash. As they ripen, they take on a slightly sweet flavor that hints at their banana lineage.

However, green plantains’ taste is different. Unlike their ripe counterparts, green plantains are not sweet. Instead, they have a dry, somewhat woody texture with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

This bitterness can be a surprise to first-time tasters, but it’s this distinct flavor that makes them a versatile ingredient in many dishes around the world.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

Do Plantains Taste Like Bananas or Sweet Potato?

Plantain taste like a unique blend of sweet potatoes and regular bananas but with a distinctive twist. However, it’s important to note that raw plantains do not taste like bananas. Unlike bananas, plantains have a savory flavor reminiscent of a sweet potato.

Compared to bananas, plantains are less sweet, giving them a more versatile flavor profile and allowing them to be used in sweet and savory dishes.

The texture of plantains also differs from that of bananas. When cooked, plantains have a soft texture similar to sweet potatoes, adding a satisfying mouthfeel to various culinary creations.

What Tastes Better, Plantain or Banana?

In comparing the taste of plantains and bananas, it’s clear that they offer distinct flavor profiles. Raw bananas are typically sweet and creamy, often used in desserts or as a snack.

Unlike bananas, plantains have a starchier texture and a more mild, savory taste. Their less sweet and more neutral flavor makes them versatile for various dishes beyond just desserts.

Do Plantains Taste Sweet?

Plantains have a slightly sweet taste, especially when they are ripe. Their sweet flavor is subtle and less pronounced than other fruits.

The sweetness of plantains truly shines when cooked, as the heat tends to bring out their natural sugars. However, they can also be eaten raw but tend to be starchy and not as sweet.

What Do Unripe Plantains Taste Like?

Unripe green plantains, though not as sweet as their ripe counterparts, carry a unique culinary charm. Their mild flavor, which is more savory than sweet, makes them adaptable to various dishes.

Raw plantain has a starchy texture, likened to a potato’s, and its taste is often described as bland when the peel transitions from green to yellow.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

Are Ripe Plantains Sweeter Than Unripe?

Ripe plantains taste like their close relatives, and the unripe green dessert bananas have a distinctive taste that sets them apart in the fruit family.

As they ripen, plantains undergo a transformation that enhances their natural sugars, resulting in a slightly sweeter flavor profile than their unripe counterparts.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

What Do Plantain Chips Taste Like?

The natural sugars in sweet plantains, particularly ripe green ones, caramelize during cooking. This caramelized sugar gives the chips a distinctive flavor that is both unique and addictive.

Their color, a beautiful golden brown, is a visual treat as well. It’s a testament to their perfect cooking, indicative of the delicate balance between heat and timing that transforms simple plantains into these delicious chips. The caramelized sugar adds to their sweetness and contributes to the rich hue of these sweet plantain chips.

The ripe green plantains, when cooked to perfection, offer a taste that is irresistibly addictive. The combination of caramelized sugar and the unique flavor of sweet plantains makes these chips a must-try for anyone seeking a new culinary adventure.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

Are Plantains (Weeds) Edible?

Yes, plantains (weeds) are edible. They are highly nutritious and contain calcium and vitamins A, C, and K. The immature, soft leaves are edible in their raw form, whereas the mature ones require cooking.

What Does Plantain Taste Like

How Many Ways Can You Cook a Plantain?

Plantains are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. Here are some ways you can cook plantains:

  1. Baked Plantains: Another way to cook plantains is to bake them. This method often results in a sweeter taste, which makes them perfect for sweet dishes. You can slice plantains or leave them whole to bake.
  2. Boiled Plantains: If you’re looking for a wholesome option, try boiling your plantains. Boil plantains can be used as a side dish or incorporated into rice dishes.
  3. Grilled Plantains: Grilling plantains can give them a unique flavor. You can grill them on medium heat until they are slightly charred. They can be eaten as is or added to savory dishes.
  4. Plantain Chips: Thinly sliced plantains can be deep-fried to make crispy chips. These can be salted and eaten as a snack.
  5. Mashed Plantains: Boiled plantains can be mashed and served as a side dish or used in baked goods. Mashed plantains are a staple in many Caribbean and African cuisines.
  6. Plantain Soup: In some cultures, plantains make hearty soups. The plantains are usually boiled until soft and blended into a thick soup.
  7. Plantain Bread: Ripe plantains can be mashed and used as a key ingredient in baking. Plantain bread is a sweet and moist baked good that’s a great way to use overripe plantains.
  8. Plantain Pancakes: For a breakfast twist, mash ripe plantains and use them in your pancake batter. The result is a sweet, fluffy pancake that’s sure to be a hit.
  9. Plantain Lasagna: Also known as “Pastelon,” a Puerto Rican dish where sweet, ripe plantains are layered with meat and cheese, similar to Italian lasagna.
  10. Twice Fried Plantains: Tostone is a dish made from green plantains which undergo a two-step frying process. Firstly, the plantains are peeled and sliced, then fried. After that, they’re smashed and subjected to an additional round of frying.

What Is the Shelf Life of Plantains?

Remember, the shelf life of plantains can vary based on how ripe they are when you buy them and how they are stored. Always check your plantains for signs of spoilage like mold, off smell, or excessively soft texture before consuming. Here are some details about the shelf life of plantains and how to store them:

Room Temperature

  1. Unripe plantains can last up to 1 week at room temperature.
  2. Ripe plantains should be consumed within a few days if kept at room temperature.


  1. If you want to extend the shelf life of ripe plantains, you can refrigerate them. This can make them last for about 1-2 weeks.
  2. Keep them in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator to ensure ideal moisture levels.


  1. You can freeze plantains to extend their shelf life significantly, up to several months.
  2. Before freezing, peel them in a freezer-safe bag or container.


  1. Dried plantains also have a long shelf life. They can be stored for up to a year if properly dried and stored in an airtight container.
  2. To dry plantains, slice them thinly and place them in a dehydrator or oven set at a low temperature.

So, What Does Plantain Taste Like?

Plantains can have a slightly sweet flavor when fully ripe, but their taste depends on how they are cooked. Unripe plantains taste similar to potatoes and can be cooked like them in many recipes.

Ripe plantains, however, are sweeter with subtle notes of banana. Fried plantains tend to have an even sweeter flavor.

Plantains are incredibly versatile ingredients that can be used to make various dishes. No matter what you choose to make with plantains, remember that moderation is essential when consuming them.

Plantains have a high carbohydrate content; hence, they should be eaten sparingly as part of a well-rounded diet.

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