All hail the crumbs. Seriously. Every last one of them.

It should be known (I mean, I do say it all.the.time) I am a hopeless baker so I can’t quite explain the level of excitement that came when I received Every Last Crumb by Brittany Angell. I spent a few days flipping through pages & planning my attack & luckily, the book came right before Thanksgiving so we had a great opportunity to test out some Parker House dinner rolls straight away.

Book review of “Every last crumb”

These were a really fun addition to our Thanksgiving table & my husband, the actual baker of the house, actually whipped these up because, ya know, I was making literally everything else.

This book is ridiculously allergen friendly. Each page has a colored box at the top that highlights whether the recipe is dairy, egg, nut, grain or coconut free. One of the things I personally liked best about the book is that Brittany gives you measurements in weight, rather than your typical 1 cup, 2 cup, etc. I really like using a food scale because I feel like it gives you much more precise accuracy & frankly, that’s exactly what I need when it comes to baking. There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to baking with alternative flours & you can’t treat them like traditional wheat flour because they don’t have the same texture & density. Weighted measuring = my new fav thing.

We also made the Orange Cranberry Bread specifically because I was looking for nut free recipes. Arthur is still very sensitive to nuts so he can’t eat any baked goods with nut flours. A book that is full of nut free options for him is honestly a priceless resource for us. He (& all the kids) died over this bread, which would be perfect for a brunch or breakfast (or a home made gift!). I mighta gone a bit heavy on the glaze. Nah….

Now, if we head over to Instagram you can check out some of the other fantastic recipes I made like these super easy plantain tortillas.

Now because this is a Paleo bread & baking cookbook, literally the first of it’s kind, I know you want the good & bad – all the deets.

So here’s my honest opinion.

This book is clearly a labor of love. I’m so impressed at the sheer amount of recipes & options in the pages of this book & I believe there is a recipe in here for almost everyone you know. Some of the recipes require extra time, care or effort & in my opinion, using a scale to measure your ingredients is really the best way to go. You may need, on occasion, special ingredients that might be hard to find. We literally could not find potato starch anywhere locally, even though I checked 3 different stores. Brittany does give helpful substitutions in the front of the book so luckily none of our choices were deterred by lack of an ingredient.

I seriously believe, if you want to do some Paleo baking with alternative flours, this will be an essential resource for your kitchen. I’ve not seen anything else that can compare to this book. And I was most impressed with the level of success from every single recipe we made. As someone who is a terrible baker, that’s a pretty impressive record!