Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe Review

Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe - Review from Trisha at Eat Your Beets #healthyliving #paleo #eggs

Listen, I’m glad you’re here because since we’re friends, I have something you need to know. My brain spends a lot of time focused on food. Maybe you’re the same way. From a young age I was taught that ‘healthy eating’ was best achieved via being hungry, AKA ‘dieting’. It meant you could eat iceburg… 

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Happy Birthday GAPS Baby!

Our first 11 months on the GAPS diet. What we've learned from GAPS. - Eat Your Beets

Life is so crazy when you have 4 kiddos. I mean, life is crazy when you have any kiddos, but when you have 4 you seem to get a special pass to crazy town. Not that we don’t love it, but ya know, it does get a bit noisy & then… there’s the laundry. I… 

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Mixed Berry & Beet Fruit Leather

Berry & Beet Fruit Leather - Quick & easy, healthy snack! Simple for moms to make & kiddos give it 2 thumbs up! - Eat Your Beets

I have to admit, even though I was desperate for my dehydrator, once I got mine I was terrified to use it. Yes, I was terrified of dehydrated food. More like the thought of messing up said food & having a huge mess on my hands of a dehydration failure & food headed for the… 

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Make Up Bag Revealed

Make Up Bag Revealed - Don't you love taking a peek into your friend's makeup bag I know I do! So, I'm going to show you around mine! - Eat Your Beets

Is it just me or do you also love seeing what’s in your girlfriend’s makeup bag? I don’t know why I get all excited when little pots of powder & cream come out! I think it’s always fun to see what other gals carry in their makeup bag so I thought I’d let you take… 

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How to Mix Patterns – Fashion for Moms

Fashion for Moms - How to Mix Patterns - Mixing Patterns can be confusing but I know you can't break out of your plain cardigan comfort zone & rock out with these fun mixed pattern outfits! - Eat Your Beets

Pattern mixing can be way out of some people’s comfort zone. I get that. It’s not something that comes naturally to me either but it’s something I’ve really been working on lately. Personally, I tend to be very monochromatic & prefer neutral colors. Black leggings – love em. Chambray shirt – that’s my jam. So lately,… 

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3 Ingredient Home Made Diaper Cream

3 Ingredient Home Made Diaper Cream with ingredients so lovely you can even use them for a facial mask. Perhaps just use separate containers. - Eat Your Beets

The other day on Instagram I posted a picture of my home made diaper cream. It generated a good deal of interest so much so, I decided I should share it with you. It’s so simple to make & really quite effective! Arthur (our GAPS baby) suffers from digestive distress at times which leads to… 

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Peace for the ‘Negative Mother’

Peace for the Negative Mother -What I want you to know is that if you're struggling, if you're feeling overwhelmed, out manned, anxious, angry or just depressed - this is not your reality. - Eat Your Beets

Recently on Instagram, I saw someone applauding a friend for showing her children in a positive light, saying that ‘99.9% of most people’s posts on social media about their kids & babies is negative or complaining’. Instantly, I felt defensive. Maybe because I have both, kids & babies. Maybe because I often use humor when… 

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How to Use Dry Shampoo

How to Use Dry Shampoo - Eat Your Beets

I was recently sent some amazing products from Moody Sisters Skin Care to review & I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you! Jess & Whitney over at Moody Sisters sent me over some eye makeup remover, tinted lip balm & dry shampoo & after about a month of testing my goodies out… 

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Fashion for Busy Moms

Fashion for Busy Moms - I'm ready to tell you about my little secret. Let's just call it 'Mommy's Little Helper'. - Eat Your Beets

If you follow me on Instagram you know I love it. You’ve seen me rave about it month after month. You’ve seen me show off my newest pieces.  Now, I’m finally going to talk about it here. Consider it: Mommy’s Little Helper. Stitch Fix. Sweater, earrings & pants from Stitch Fix. I think most people… 

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