Sweet Potato Strings

Paleo Sweet Potato Strings. Perfect for burger night & a hit with kiddos!

Summer nights just call for burger baskets, don’t they? We’ve been doing epic burger basket nights here since I racked up on Target dollar bin baskets & liners. Then I found checkered napkins for $6! They were so cute I thought I might actually let my family use them… then I reconsidered & they went… 

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Easy & Healthy Snack Ideas

Easy & Healthy snack ideas for kids. Perfect for summer trips to the pool or beach. Load up your bag & your kid's belly with easy, nutritious snacks!

Now that it’s summer there’s a lot less cooking around here & a lot more packing snacks. We try & get outdoors as much as we can & if you have kids you know they are always hungry – especially after hours of being in the sun & swimming or running around the park! Summer… 

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The Gaps Diet & Pregnancy

The Gaps Diet & Pregnancy - What you need to know to have a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby. Guest post by Melanie Christner of Honestbody.com

The modern mama has been given a dilemma. She is bringing her baby into a world that has “spent down” its nutritional wealth, while at the same time filling it with toxins. Traditional peoples had it better. A nutritional heritage, passed down from generation to generation of peoples eating real food, in an environment devoid… 

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Cheesy Sweet Potato & Kale Bake

Cheesy Sweet Potato & Kale Bake. Stop being scared of kale! A great recipe to get your kids (& you?) loving kale because everything is better with bacon, right!

Are you scared of kale? I honestly can’t think of another vegetable so stuck in the crux of our culture that’s either adored by devoted enthusiasts or strikes fear into the heart of even the most adventurous eater. So which are you? I’ll tell you which one I used to be because I feel it’s… 

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Chia Seed Breakfast ‘Cereal’

Chia Seed Cereal. Easy & delicious breakfast your kids will love. Soak chia seeds overnight for a fast, fuss free breakfast!

Cereal. Man, it’s the bane of my existence. Are you all ready for me to pull back the curtain? I give my kids… cereal. Are you still there? Everyone has their hang up food, right? That one thing they really wish they didn’t have in the house. But it’s a tight rope dance. Cereal, while… 

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Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe Review

Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe - Review from Trisha at Eat Your Beets #healthyliving #paleo #eggs

Listen, I’m glad you’re here because since we’re friends, I have something you need to know. My brain spends a lot of time focused on food. Maybe you’re the same way. From a young age I was taught that ‘healthy eating’ was best achieved via being hungry, AKA ‘dieting’. It meant you could eat iceburg… 

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Happy Birthday GAPS Baby!

Our first 11 months on the GAPS diet. What we've learned from GAPS. - Eat Your Beets

Life is so crazy when you have 4 kiddos. I mean, life is crazy when you have any kiddos, but when you have 4 you seem to get a special pass to crazy town. Not that we don’t love it, but ya know, it does get a bit noisy & then… there’s the laundry. I… 

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Mixed Berry & Beet Fruit Leather

Berry & Beet Fruit Leather - Quick & easy, healthy snack! Simple for moms to make & kiddos give it 2 thumbs up! - Eat Your Beets

I have to admit, even though I was desperate for my dehydrator, once I got mine I was terrified to use it. Yes, I was terrified of dehydrated food. More like the thought of messing up said food & having a huge mess on my hands of a dehydration failure & food headed for the… 

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