23 Types Of Apples: Top Apple Flavors

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Are you a fan of apples? Who isn’t, right!? Apples are such an incredibly versatile and flavorful fruit that there is something for everyone to love.

Whether you’re a home cook, a professional chef, or someone who loves great food – apples can easily bring your favorite dishes to life. Choosing from the vast selection of apple types available in the market can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide featuring top varieties-with top apple flavors–all with unique flavor profiles, textures and uses in the kitchen.

How Many Varieties of Apples Are There?

There are over 7,500 recognized varieties of apples around the world. Every type possesses distinct traits that set it apart from the rest. Some apples are known for their incredible flavor, while others are praised for their texture, size, or color.

Top 23 Apple Flavors

Looking for delicious apple flavors? Check out this list of the best 23 apple flavors! With so many options, you can find something to please your taste buds. Whether cooking apple strudle or this Mini apple pie recipe, apples are a great way to brighten up your day.

1. Pink Lady Apples/ Cripps Pink

pink lady apples

Pink Lady apples, also known as Cripps Pink initially bred in Australia by John Cripps. This variety is a cross between the Lady Williams and Golden Delicious apples.

This Cripps pink apple has a vibrant pinkish-red color, a yellow-green base, and a smooth, firm texture. Pink lady apple is known for being incredibly juicy with a sweet finish and slightly tart flavor. Its unique flavor makes it perfect for various dishes – from apple cobbler to salads to snacking.

Pink Lady apple is typically grown in temperate climates using traditional farming methods. The price may fluctuate based on the time of year and the destination. They are usually sold at a slightly higher price point than other apple varieties. These apples are great for making apple butter.

2. Fuji Apples

Fuji apples have a crisp and juicy texture with a deliciously sweet taste containing on of the top apple flavors. It’s a great snaking apple. This apple variety was first developed in Fujisaki, Japan, during the 1930s, by crossbreeding two American varieties, the Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet apples.

The Fuji apple has a reddish-green hue with a yellow-toned background, giving it a beautiful appearance. This juicy apple has a firm and crunchy texture, with a cream-coloured dense flesh. Fuji apples’ texture and sweetness make them perfect for eating fresh, baking, or using as an ingredient in salads and sauces.

Fuji apples are typically grown using traditional farming methods and are mainly harvested in late autumn. The cost may depend on the season and location, but they are usually moderately priced.

Learn more about Fuji Apples.

3. McIntosh

The McIntosh apple is a classic and popular apple variety that originates from Ontario, Canada. It was first bred in the early 19th century by John McIntosh, a farmer who discovered a wild apple tree on his property.

McIntosh apples are known for their distinct bright red and green skin color, which becomes more muted as they ripen. Their firm texture is crisp and juicy, with a slightly tart flavor that makes them a favorite among many apple enthusiasts.

This delicious apple is primarily enjoyed fresh but can also be used for baking and cooking. These apples are perfect for making apple sauce, pies, and crumbles, as their juicy flesh breaks down easily.

McIntosh apples are typically grown using conventional farming methods, but organic options are also available. Prices vary depending on the region but are generally affordable and accessible to most consumers.

4. Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples are known for their crisp texture and Tart flavor, making them a popular choice for eating fresh. These apples originated in Australia in the mid-1800s when a woman named Maria Ann Smith discovered a seedling apple tree in her backyard.

Granny Smith apple has bright green skin and juicy flesh, making it an appealing addition to baked goods like apple pies and cakes.

Granny Smith’s apple is usually grown using conventional farming methods, although many farms are beginning to adopt more sustainable practices. Prices for these tart apples can vary depending on the season, but they are generally priced affordably. Perfect for a homemade apple pie!

5. Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious Apples are a popular apple variety that has been enjoyed by apple lovers for over 100 years. These apples, first introduced in West Virginia in 1912, have now become popular and can be found in various countries around the globe.

Golden Delicious Apples are known for their juicy flavor. The fruit has firm flesh and thin skin with a crisp texture, making it a great snacking apple. The semi‑firm texture and sweet juicy flavor are perfect for cooking cinnamon apples, making salads, or eating fresh.

Growing Golden Delicious Apples requires considerable attention and care, yet the outcome is invaluable. The apples are grown across the United States In traditional farming methods.

The price of Golden Delicious Apples varies depending on the location and season, but they are generally affordable and available year-round.

6. Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp apples are known for their crisp texture, tart flavor, and sweet finish, making them a great addition to any fruit bowl or recipe. The Honeycrisp apple is also famous for its honey-sweet flavor. These delicious apples have become increasingly popular due to their unique taste and texture.

When it comes to appearance, Honeycrisp apples are easily identifiable. They are medium to large with a round shape and a light green to the yellow background color.

Honeycrisp apples are commonly grown in the United States, particularly in Minnesota, where they were first developed. They require specific growing conditions to thrive, so they are not as widely available as other types of apples.

Due to their unique flavor and limited availability, Honeycrisp apples can be quite expensive. The cost of a single apple may be higher than other varieties.

7. Ginger Gold

The Ginger Gold apple originated in Virginia in the 1960s and is believed to be a cross between the Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin varieties. Its skin is thin and slightly waxy, and when you bite into it, you’ll notice its juicy flesh and crispy texture.

These delicious apples are grown in many regions throughout the United States, although they especially thrive in the southeastern states. They are harvested in August and September, making them one of the first apples of the fall season.

Ginger Gold apples are usually reasonably priced, although their cost may fluctuate depending on the time of year and the location.

8. Pacific Rose Apple

The Pacific Rose apple flavor is a must-try for all apple lovers! This beautiful apple is originally from New Zealand and is easily recognizable by its distinctive pinkish-red blush. Its appearance is further enhanced by its oblong shape and yellowish-green background.

A Pacific Rose apple has a crisp flesh with a sweet tart taste. It’s not too sweet or sour, making it perfect who crave a mild flavor. In fact, many apple enthusiasts consider the Pacific Rose apple their favorite apple because of its juicy and delicious taste.

One thing to keep in mind is the price. Since these apples are primarily grown in New Zealand, they’re not as widely available as other varieties, making them slightly pricier.

9. Opal Apples

Opal apples are a newer apple cultivar that was first discovered in Europe. They have a distinct appearance with their yellow-gold skin and occasional rosy blush.

Opal apples are known for their unique taste profile, offering a sweet tart flavor with a floral aroma reminiscent of honey. This variety has a sweet taste with a slightly tart finish. The apples have a crisp texture, making them perfect for eating fresh or incorporating into salads.

Opal apples are typically slightly more expensive than others due to their rarity and unique flavor. Still, they are well worth the investment for apple lovers who are looking for something different.

10. Golden Russet

Dating back to the early 1800s, this apple variety has a fascinating and lengthy history that was first recorded in New York. The Golden Russet apple has a unique appearance, with its yellow-green skin heavily covered in russet patches.

Its crisp texture and juicy flesh make it a delicious treat for anyone who loves the taste of a great apple. But what really sets this apple apart is its complex flavor profile, with notes of pear, nutmeg and even hints of vanilla.

When it comes to price, Golden Russet apples are often slightly more expensive than other apples due to their excellent flavor and limited availability.

11. Red Delicious

Red Delicious apples are a popular apple variety known for their mild sweet, and tart flavor. Originating in Iowa in the 1870s, this apple variety quickly gained popularity and is now widely cultivated in many regions worldwide.

These crisp apples have a mild flavor, thin skin and juicy, firm flesh, making them perfect for fresh eating. This apple variety has a sweet and tart flavor with a great crunch making it a great snacking apple.

Red Delicious apples are reasonably priced. They are perfect for inclusion in salads and baking desserts like apple pies and crumbles.

Red Delicious apples are most commonly associated with the state of New York, which is the largest producer of this apple variety in the United States.

12. Lady Alice

The Lady Alice apple originated from Agricultural Experiment Station the New York State; it was created by breeding two apple varieties, the Gala and the Braeburn. These apples are not only delicious, but they are also unique. They have an attractive appearance with distinctive pink and green skin. The Lady Alice apple is known to have an unparalleled sweet-tart flavour.

While the Lady Alice apple may be a bit pricier than other varieties, it is definitely worth the extra cost due to its incredible flavor. The apple provides a sweet and tart flavor perfect for pies, cakes, and muffins. However, this apple is best enjoyed fresh; its firm texture and the juicy flavor are remarkable.

13. Empire Apple

The Empire Apple is a visually stunning fruit, boasting an attractive red and yellow coloring that glistens in the light. But the beauty isn’t just on the outside; this juicy apple has a crisp bite and a wonderful sweet-tart flavor that makes for a refreshing snack anytime.

Empire Apple is a relatively new variety, originating in New York State in the 1940s as a cross between a McIntosh and a Red Delicious apple.

These apples are meticulously farmed, and growers take great care to ensure optimal conditions for the fruit to thrive. From planting to harvesting, the process can take several years.

The price of Empire Apples can vary depending on where you purchase them and the time of year, but they’re usually sold at a reasonable cost.

14. Gravenstein

This delicious apple variety has a unique appearance with green and red speckled skin. It’s known for its tart flavor and juicy, crisp texture, making it perfect for enjoying as a snack, apple juice, or desserts like apple pies and even apple cider.

The Gravenstein apple has its roots in Denmark and, in the early 1800s, was introduced to the United States. Today, they are primarily grown in Northern California, where the climate is ideal for apple farming. The harvesting of these is usually done during August and September.

Due to their popularity, Gravenstein apples can fetch a higher price than other varieties, but they are worth it for their unique flavor and versatility.

15. Cameo Apples

With its sweet and tart taste, Cameo apples are the perfect blend of flavors for those who enjoy mild sweet fruits. These apples are believed to have originated in Washington state, but they are now grown in several other regions across the United States, including New York.

This delicious apple has creamy orange skin with light striping that covers dense, juicy, and crisp flesh. They have creamy orange skin with light striping that covers dense flesh, which is both juicy and crispy.

16. Winesap

Winesap apples are easily recognizable for their reddish skin with a yellow-green background. The apples also have a unique conical shape. You can expect a sweet and sweet taste when you bite into a Winesap apple. The juicy and firm flesh of the apples makes it an ideal ingredient for cakes, pies, and delicious ciders.

Originally from New Jersey, Winesap apples quickly spread across the United States. They can now be found in orchards throughout the country.

The price of Winesap apples varies depending on the location and the time of year, with prices usually ranging from one to two dollars per pound. These apples are also good for making apple cider vinegar.

17. Egremont Russet Apples

These sweet apples are known for their distinctive appearance, with rough, russeted skin tinged with green and brown. But the taste really sets this apple apart: biting into one reveals a crisp crunch and a sweet, nutty flavor that’s truly satisfying.

The Egremont Russet has a long history, dating back to the early 1800s in England. Today, these apples are grown in orchards around the world. While they’re not the easiest apple to grow, with a tendency to drop fruit before it’s fully ripe, the Egremont Russet’s unique flavor makes it worthwhile.

Regarding price, you can expect to pay more for Egremont Russet apples than for some of the more common varieties.

18. Northern Spy

These apples are known for their incredible sweet flavor and juicy texture that satisfy any taste bud. Northern Spy apples are large and round. They have green and red skin that is firm and smooth to the touch.

The origin of Northern Spy apples can be traced back to the northeastern United States and Canada, where they were first grown in the early 1800s. Northern Spy apples are typically grown on dwarf trees, which are easier to harvest and maintain.

Northern Spy apples are highly valued and sometimes more expensive than other apple varieties.

19. Braeburn Apples

Northern Spy Apples are known for their striking appearance – they are large, round, and have thin skin that is usually green in color with hints of yellow and red.

Originating in Upstate New York in the early 19th century, these apples are exceptional for fresh eating due to their complex flavor. With a balance of sweetness and tartness, they have notes of honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon, making them a perfect addition to any fall dessert.

Northern Spy Apples are large and hardy, which makes them a little more challenging to farm, but their unique flavor is worth it. Regarding pricing, Northern Spy Apples are slightly more expensive than other varieties.

20. Ambrosia Apple

Ambrosia apples are characterized by their distinctively pink-orange blush, juicy and crisp texture, and subtle honey taste that makes them unique. Originating in British Columbia in the 1990s, Ambrosia apples are now widely grown across North America and beyond.

Ambrosia apples are typically harvested from late September through October and are carefully sorted and stored to maintain their freshness. As a result, Ambrosia apples can be slightly more expensive than some other varieties of apples, but their superior taste and texture are well worth the investment. These apples make a great addition to baked goods, such as apple pies and muffins,

21. Jonathan Apple

Jonathan apples are a popular variety known for their bright red appearance and sweet-tart taste. Originating in the United States in the 1940s, these apples are primarily grown in California, Washington, and Oregon.

They are typically harvested in late September and early October, making them a fall favorite. Jonathan apples are farmed using conventional and organic techniques, with some orchards using sustainable farming methods to minimize their environmental impact.

Prices for these apples can vary, with organic options generally selling for a higher price than conventionally grown ones. Jonathan apples are excellent eaten fresh or cooked in pies, sauces, and other dishes.

22. Jazz Apple

These apples have a bright red color with yellow-green undertones and a crunchy texture that is perfect for snacking. Named after the musical genre, Jazz apples have a sweet, tangy flavor similar to the beloved Honeycrisp apple.

Jazz apples are initially from New Zealand and were developed by crossbreeding Braeburn and Royal Gala apples.

These apples are carefully grown in orchards through sustainable farming practices, careful water management, and organic crop protection. Despite being a premium variety, Jazz apples are sold at an affordable price.

23. Gala Apples

Gala apples are a popular apple variety known for their mild and sweet flavor. They originated in New Zealand in the 1930s and were later introduced to the United States. The appearance of Gala apples is a combination of yellow and pink coloring, which creates a unique and attractive appearance.

Gala apples are relatively easy to farm, contributing to their affordable price range. The trees are adaptable to various growing locations, which makes them a favorite among farmers.

Learn more about Gala Apples.

How to Store Apples?

Storing apples is simple, and you can enjoy your apples for weeks with little effort. First, choose a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight, such as a pantry, basement or garage.

Apples are sensitive to temperature changes, so ensure the temperature is around 32-40°F (0-4°C). You can store them in your fridge’s crisper drawer, but place them in a ventilated plastic bag to minimize moisture.


The 23 best types of apples, from classic Red Delicious to modern Jazz apples, offer something unique for every palate. From sweet and tart to crunchy and juicy, there is an apple for every occasion. Pie or simply snacking, these apples will be the perfect kitchen addition.

These apples are carefully farmed using sustainable and organic methods. Apples are an excellent and nutritious choice, whether baking a pie or simply snacking on something sweet. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these fruits offer a variety of health benefits for everyone.

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