It’s been a couple weeks since I got back from my epic girls trip with my bestie, Courtney from Click It Up a Notch, & honestly, I would be lying if I didn’t admit I left a bit of my heart in Europe. My husband & I actually moved to the UK for 3 years, two weeks after we got married & while I will never forget the time we spent there, the one regret I have is that photography didn’t hold the same passion for me then as it does now. I cry a bit inside when I remember all the streets we wandered in Prague or the dimly lit souks I scurried through in Marrakesh because I know I don’t have many images to look back on! Honestly, after planning my clothes… & then the food… the photography was something I was looking forward to the most! I definitely approached this trip with new eyes & can’t wait to share some of my best tips for travel photography.

As I mentioned, not only did a take my bestie, but lucky her, I’m also a contributor to her website so as soon as I got home, I drafted up this post for Click It Up a Notch: Do’s & Don’ts of Travel Photography.

My best tips for your travel photografy

This also gave me a great topic for my weekly Periscope video so I turned to my trusty iPhone to chat with you guys live about my best tips for travel photography there as well! We had some great questions & insights from everyone who hopped on the live scope.

Also, ICYMI, the week before our trip I actually chatted live all about How to Pack Your Camera Bag for Traveling Abroad. Another great post if you’re looking for insights on what to bring & what to leave!

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Finally, can I let you in on one great big secret? This was something that kept coming back to me over & over throughout my trip. Learning how to see light is truly the biggest accomplishment I think I’ve had in my entire photography career. I knew where to look for light, how to find the best light & how to avoid flat light. Want to learn more about light?