Last week I did a major giveaway with Suja to help promote their new book, The Suja Juice Solution. In order for me to do an adequate review, along with their book, they also provided me with a Breville juicer & a Whole Foods gift card so I could stock up on all my juicables, proteins & more. Even with that sweet package deal, I really wanted to run through their program before I did a review, as you know I have an honesty policy of only promoting products we would use or purchase ourselves.


I’ve been juicing for the past week & in a word it’s been – amazing. Ok, the first two days were rough – super rough – because the first week of The Suja Juice Solution by Annie Lawless & Jeff Church, is intended to be a Reset, which means ‘crowding out’ any food or drink that could be causing you problems & coffee is the first thing to go. At least, it was the first thing to go for me because that’s how I used to start my day. Coffee. Sweet, glorious, nectar from the gods… And I really didn’t think it would be that hard to cut the coffee because I only had one cup a day. One glorious, generous cup.

But… here’s the thing. My one cup of coffee was typically ‘breakfast’ because I don’t wake up hungry & the coffee was curbing my appetite further. Then I’d usually hit the gym mid morning & not eat till maybe 11ish. Which is fine if your body is happy that way. But if I’m totally & 100% completely honest, by body wasn’t happy that way. I just didn’t want to do much about changing it. A couple of different scenarios would play out for me.  Scenario #1. I’d wake up & have coffee & I’d instantly get an upset stomach. I’d tell my brain to just keep it’s mouth shut & keep drinking that coffee. No big deal. Then, the morning would get away from me & very quickly I’d realize I hadn’t eaten, my blood sugar would crash & I’d be all – gimme all the food! Or scenario #2. I’d wake up & in order to offset the doom of scenario #1, I’d force myself to eat something – typically gluten free toast. But it never felt 100% awesome or delicious for that matter. Frankly, I was just being lazy. I’ve never been a breakfast eater or a hungry, morning person. It’s the truth. I figured that’s the way I was programmed so why fight it?

I’d say the most awesome thing about running Eat Your Beets is that I constantly get introduced to new things that challenge the way I look at feeding & fueling myself (& my kids). The Suja Juice Solution is one of those things. Yes, I have a healthy eating, food focused blog. That doesn’t mean I don’t get lazy or tired or burned out. It doesn’t mean I eat perfectly all the time & it doesn’t mean there aren’t more things for me to learn, especially about myself!

Back to that Reset… When I started The Suja Juice Solution I got rid of coffee & it hurt. It was ugly. The first half of the program also focuses on veggies that are easily digestible so you’re likely eating pretty low carb. The basics of the program involve eating 3 meals + adding in 3 nutrient dense juices. These aren’t all sweet apples & carrots, either. We’re talking greens, citrus & more greens! The thing I like about the book is that it talks about taking care of yourself that first week. Making sure you rest if you need it (I did) & not killing yourself at the gym (I didn’t). You’re giving your body a gentle chance to reset itself while listening to cues. So when your body says, I’m tired, you listen. You don’t get your second latte. When your body says, I’m hungry, you eat nutrient dense food or drink some green juice. You don’t grab a handful of dark chocolate. I’m not saying these would be your choices, I’m saying those were starting to become my choices – too often.

When I began starting my day with a fresh juice (instead of my beloved coffee) I noticed about half an hour after my juice I was actually hungry. A new feeling first thing in the morning! Hunger?? Yep. So I’d eat breakfast (instead of my beloved coffee). By waking up & having a fresh juice I set my day up to automatically be better because my body knew I’d be eating at least 3 times that day.

I actually started adding some starchier carbs into my meals earlier than the program suggests but I never felt guilty about it or like I was breaking the program. Personally, I’ve seen how I react to eating very low carb & because I was listening to my body, I felt comfortable adding in a half a cup of sweet potatoes at dinner. The book even talks about fast forwarding to the following week (Reinforce Week) where you’ll add starchy carbs back in & suggests if moving forward means you’re sticking with the program, then go ahead.

The book gives you a handful of recipes (both food + juice) each week but also encourages you to create your own meals based on the foods they recommend you ‘crowd in’ like unlimited green veggies, healthy fats & lean proteins while avoiding the foods you ‘crowd out’ like grains, legumes, refined sugar, dairy, etc. They also give suggestions on what juices to drink & when. Overall, I found the book to be super informative in regards to juicing in general. I also feel like it helped expand my juicing palate & introduce me to some new juice flavors I’d never had before like dandelion greens & watercress! And good news for those of you who don’t own juicers, the book also gives recommendations on how to make your juice into a smoothie or order it from your local juice bar.

After one week on The Suja Juice Solution I honestly feel fantastic. Suja only asked me to complete one week but I’m already jumping into week two & loving the new flavor combinations (hello, beets! hello, pineapples!). I’m not craving sugar & I look forward to my next juice fix. Plus, I didn’t even mention the kiddos. Juicing is actually a wonderful addition to the GAPS diet, recommended by Natasha Campbell-McBride. Juices are full of vitamins & minerals that kiddos with leaky gut perhaps aren’t able to absorb. By giving them the raw juices their bodies are able to get those important nutrients without having to do too much work. Arthur has been L O V I N G juicing. He loves green juice, red juice, any juice. He asks for his juice every day & I even bribed him with a green juice to get a splinter out of his finger! I’m super hopeful that after the past two years of working on his gut health this will be a super added boost that he will thrive from & I don’t intend on stopping any time soon!

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate juicing into your life, I think The Suja Juice Solution is a fantastic way to learn how to do it! And don’t forget that Suja wants to give you 7 Free Suja coupons with proof of purchase of their book! Just email your proof of purchase to Sam@SujaJuice to show your receipt & get your free coupons! Hooray!