This past year has been an amazing year! You know how much I love looking back at favorites.

I was excited to share my top 15 recipes of 2015! I even chose some of my favorite food photography images this year.

But I’d say one of the things I’m most excited about is being among some of the most stellar real food/paleo/primal bloggers in this year’s The Best Paleo Recipes 2015.

For the second year in a row, Bill & Hayley from Primal Palate have cultivated The Best Paleo Recipes 2015 eBook. Following on the hugely popular release last year, they pulled together an even bigger and better ebook this year, featuring recipes from OVER 30 of the top names in the Paleo community like Juli Bauer, Danielle Walker, Mark Sisson, Brittany Angell, Steph Gaudreau, Russ Crandall, and ME! Can’t help but mention ME! I’m in the eBook as well!! Woohoo! (Keep an eye out for my Skillet Pork Chops on the cover!)

Bill & Hayley have compiled a community-based ebook with some of the most respected names in Paleo, Primal and Grain-free eating. In this 475-page eBook, you’ll find some of the best recipes you’ve ever seen. (I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by these recipes. And there’s so many I can’t wait to make myself!) Check out this impressive list of contributors for The Best Paleo Recipes 2015!

The concept for this ebook came to Bill & Hayley over two years ago: pull together the best and brightest recipe creators in the Paleo community, and have them offer up their best recipes of the year. With the sheer volume of recipes online, it’s hard to know which ones are good (let alone, the best!) So they asked their friends and colleagues to contribute their BEST recipes of the year to a singular, easy-to-navigate eBook.

Sure, you could spend the next few months scouring the internet, looking at Pinterest & doing exhaustive Google searches… or you could have this ready to go, portable format and mobile-friendly resource! 

Download a copy to your phone, a copy to your tablet, and a copy to your home computer. Need a dinner idea in a hurry? Browse the table of contents to view all of the recipes quickly and easily. Because it’s an interactive PDF document, getting around the Best Paleo Recipes 2015 is just like getting around a website. A couple clicks takes you where you want to go in the eBook.

Check out a couple of stellar recipes from other authors, Danielle Walker & Juli Bauer!

I can easily say this is one of the most impressive collection of real food recipes you’ll find this year. I’m very proud to be apart of this collaboration & community & I hope you’ll enjoy every bite! Click the button below to get your own copy today!