I love talking about the best food photography backgrounds!

When I first got started shooting I remember placing my subject on any old surface I could find around the house! Honestly, I felt a bit desperate & not quite sure of what would look good. Again, I had this nagging feeling that the only way to be a ‘good photographer’ was to have tons of money I could throw at whatever props, surfaces & gear would help me. Holy moly, was I wrong!

What I realized was that, while yes, there are some amazing investment options for backgrounds, what I really needed was a little creativity!

How to choose the best food backgrounds

In this video I share the different types of food photography backgrounds from dirt cheap options to more investment pieces. Below you’ll see good examples of each & I’ve also included links when available.

The following image shows examples of different backgrounds I use. Starting from the top left, clockwise:

Reclaimed plank boards, Erickson Woodworks distressed white board, linen, marble pastry board, baking sheet, Erickson Woodworks shabby chic.