*This post is sponsored by Spin! Neapolitan Pizza. As always, I have a policy of only promoting companies or products that our family uses regularly so you can be assured that all opinions remain my own. When Spin! Pizza invited me to attend a blogger’s evening last week, of course I said YES because we have been & will continue to be customers. We love eating there. 

When you have food sensitivities or allergies, going out to eat can be… a bit of a pain. Our family definitely eats out on average about once a week. And while most people eat out because of convenience, eating out for our family can often turn into more of an inconvenience than anything else. Ask any person who’s had to survey an entire menu & then leave a restaurant because there simply weren’t any choices for them on the menu. Yeah, not only can it be inconvenient it also gets frustrating.

Since we put Arthur on GAPS about 2 years ago we’ve seen amazing healing through diet & supplements. For about the first year, we actually packed a lunch box every single time we went out to eat! We just felt he was too sensitive to eat out & I didn’t want to do anything that might mess up his delicate system while we were trying to heal him. After we felt like we got him over a bit of the hump we started branching out with restaurants. He’s now in a fantastic place where he’s tolerating so many more foods & we are always thrilled when we can find gluten free options for our family so we can all enjoy the same meals!

I remember when my husband came home & told me about a new pizza place that had just opened. I never get too excited when I hear the words ‘pizza place’ because chances are, it’s a place we likely can’t eat. Not only does Arthur have gluten sensitivities, he also can’t tolerate tomatoes. So… Italian is pretty low on our list of cuisines to eat. His coworkers assured my husband this place had gluten free options & with a bit of apprehension, we made our way there one evening.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Spin! is how friendly everyone is. The first few times we went, the servers would all make a point to ask us if we’d been in before & if we knew how the menu & dining worked. After awhile, they started to recognize our brood since a family with 4 kids starts to stand out. Not to mention how specific our orders tend to be…

Not only is the food super delicious, they have tons of options from pizzas to soups to salads to dips + flatbreads to gelato to a full bar. Probably my favorite thing about Spin! is that you can get the kids meal (small pizza + drink + gelato) with a gluten free crust. We don’t do this often but just the fact that it’s available makes me happy for so many reasons. Namely the fact that when restaurants start to make gluten & dairy free options more accessible to their patrons they create a model that all other restaurants can follow. When people are given options like this, we can’t help but feel like we matter. Our family’s health matters. They get it.

Spin! stone roasts all their veggies & meats daily. They make their traditional pizza crusts in house & also assure that almost everything on the menu can be made gluten or dairy free (except gelato – no word on when that elusive unicorn, the dairy free gelato, will be surfacing but Spin! assures me if it happens, they’ll carry it. I think Elusive Unicorn also sounds like a good name for it).

Another thing that I absolutely adore is that we can get pizzas with either a marinara sauce or a garlic, olive oil sauce. This has made our experience here so much better. Tomato sensitivities like Arthur’s aren’t super popular so most pizza places don’t cater to the non marinara eating crowd. The fact that we can enjoy a meal out with our whole family & everyone can safely eat is something that I can’t speak to enough.

I’ve often talked about how food is more than just something you put in your mouth. Eating around a table is communal. It’s social. The table is where memories are made & traditions are continued. It’s where you can laugh, eat, dream, talk & knowing that you don’t have to worry about whether your child will have a reaction because they are eating something they can’t handle is priceless. Food is a gift. We should all be invited to the table.

While they don’t have a dedicated gluten free kitchen they do stand by the fact that they are very sensitive to allergies & make every attempt to accommodate people.

their restaurant. Everyone who works there has always been so welcoming & I know it is going to be a great addition to our community & obviously in our family’s restaurant rotation! On Thursday, May 7th they are having a Ribbon Cutting & open house from 4-6pm. Stop by & say hello & make sure you get some of the raspberry white chocolate gelato for me. It’s my favorite.