It’s been awhile since I wrote about my Capsule Wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you guys forgot about it. Quite the opposite actually…

First, I feel like I owe you some explanation as to why it’s taken me so long to get back to writing about this. I have reasons & they are as follows:

  1. I didn’t know if anyone cared. As I mentioned in my post about being on Instagram’s Suggested User List, when I was working on cultivating my feed I decided to put it thru a deliberate test. I wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted (I’ve been known to be impatient) so I decided to do a two week trial. No fashion, no clothes, no kids – just food. Guess what? I started hitting that consistent growth I’d been looking for. When I mentioned this in the Instagram post, so many of you said, But wait – I loved your fashion posts! They were an inspiration to me! And while I felt your pull, I heard what you were saying, I knew that something about the way I was presenting the material to my viewers wasn’t working. And I had to fix that – not necessarily the content but the context in which I was sharing the fashion/Capsule Wardrobe needed to be honed because it wasn’t working.
  2. I am operating at a baseline number of pieces. Right now, I bet I am working with around 20 items of clothing (including shoes). That’s it. Before you drop your phone or fall off your chair, here’s why. When I started the Capsule, I didn’t know if my intention was to only create one wardrobe per season (living in the midwest I feel like we have 5 seasons or even 6 sometimes) & then stop buying clothes during that season. Or if I would have sort of a revolving door policy. As things got worn (& destroyed) they would be replaced. As I built my Capsule intentionally – only shopping when I needed to & looking for very specific things – black shirt, gray jeans, black wedges – I would add them in because in truth, I was still figuring out what my personal style was. In the end, I didn’t see buying a whole Capsule’s worth of pieces only to realize they weren’t really my style.
  3. Mistakes, hasty purchases & poor quality items. So here I was, all armed with my finalized plan. I will shop when I need to, adding in the pieces I feel complement my personal style & fit into my Capsule. Then, ya know, reality happened. It started with a sweater. I was freezing – a cold snap had come in – & I was on my way to an event. I rushed into Anthropologie & bought a very expensive sweater. At the time, in my heart, it wasn’t a perfect fit for my Capsule BUT at the time, in my heart (my freezing, shivering, shrinking from cold heart) I needed something & I needed it right then. I’ve worn that sweater a handful of times. And that sucks. After that happened, I felt a bit discouraged with myself & decided I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. But I was also starting to see my personal style come crawling out from under the rock it had been hiding under for a very long time. And suddenly, the pieces I thought I liked weren’t really who I was on the inside. I had to make a choice at that point that went something like this – You will not buy something just so you have something to wear. Instead, you will only buy the thing that makes your heart sing. And if that means you only have 4 tops for the next month, so be it. So that’s what I did. The next thing that happened wasn’t really my fault but was something that would inevitably also become discouraging. I bought 4 items that I felt were really great. Really solid pieces that had some life in em & made me feel confident & fit my style. And they were poorly made. And they couldn’t handle even one freaking washing. The two shirts I thought I’d rock for months got all twisted in my washing machine (& yes, they were machine washable). The seams went wonky & one side of the shirt hung lower than the other. Sigh. The sweater I bought got so unbelievably pilly I can’t even wear it out of the house. And then there was a pair of trousers. The warning signs were all over them in the dressing room so really, I should have known better…

Now let’s get back to the reason you’re here.


when I woke up this morning. Then I saw my t shirt. Does this look like a girl who hasn’t washed her hair for days? Does she look like she moved furniture & cleaned up puke? Because I did both those things in this shirt. And I’m not trying to say, Hey look at me, I’m super glamorous or whatever. What I’m saying is that this t shirt looks fabulous & I could wear it to pre school pick up. I could wear it to watch gymnastics practice. I could wear it (& will wear it) for date night.

It’s not cotton (it’s Rayon) so it won’t get all stretchy & it hangs perfectly & it will wash well & it won’t fade & my dream to finally purchase one shirt that will be so perfect I could wear it every day for the next 2 weeks might have just become reality. This tee is so fabulous, there’s nothing plain about it at all.

And… it has the same name as my husband, which might be coincidence but I’m saying it’s fate.