I’ve been excited to do this review for awhile & mainly just because I really like Kelly. You can always tell when people are genuinely nice (& for the record, Paleo bloggers in general are about the nicest people you will meet) but ever since my first email with Kelly, her warmth & kindness has seeped thru the inter webs & left me with the kind of warm fuzzy you hope you leave other people with. That’s also the way I’d describe her book, Paleo Eats.

The first thing I noticed about Paleo Eats was the amount of family friend, simple recipes. Worried about what your kiddos will eat? Don’t be. Worried about making a big mess in the kitchen? You probably won’t. Unless you’re like me & make a mess everywhere you go. In that case, you’re a train that can’t be stopped. I should know.

I pretty much use my kids as a compass when reviewing cookbooks. What do they want to make? That’s where we go. We had big success with the Cherry Toaster Pastries (shown above) & the Coconut Cinnamon Cereal was so good it only lasted about 15 minutes. Then it was gone…

My son also wanted to try out the Oven Baked Dry Rubbed Ribs – delicious & EASY. I always shy away from ribs but these literally involve putting them in the oven, perfect for weeknight meals if you’re home or lazy weekends if you’re working. We had a bit of leftovers so the meat was perfect shredded on a salad.

Our favorite recipe we made was the Carrot Cake with Vanilla Frosting. My kids literally stood around licking their lips waiting for me to finish shooting this cake. Talk about pressure!

When I do reviews I’m always look for the recipes Arthur can eat. This carrot cake was perfect (& will probably make an appearance on his birthday in March!) because it was made with coconut flour, eggs & applesauce. Kelly also includes a special icon to let you know when recipes are AIP.

Paleo Eats would make a wonderful addition to any Paleo or real food kitchen library. Along with family friendly, delicious recipes, Kelly has also included tips on shopping, foods to avoid, foods to jump into & helpful tips like how to care for cast iron skillets! If you’re looking for real food for families this is a must have! This is comfort food at it’s finest. Dig in!