I don’t know about you, but ever since my kiddos have all officially gone back to school, I find myself busier than when they were home! Most days I’m going from a workout to running errands or picking up kiddos & taxiing them to their next activities. Showers are a bit of a luxury during the day. I love being active & honestly, I’m that person who really enjoys working out but I don’t always love looking a hot mess when I have to be in like, public, ya know. It never fails that after I’ve put in a solid workout my husband calls & asks if I want to grab lunch. I also don’t like showing up at the pickup line, slouched down in my seat with dark sunglasses on, praying that no one comes over to talk to me! So I found some great tips that work for me post run/lift/sweat session & I wanted to share my natural ways to freshen up after a workout!

Our natural ways to freshen up after a workout

Freshen up at home

Like I mentioned, most days it’s not like I don’t have access to a shower – it’s just that I don’t have time. I love the flexibility of being able to work out at home! These are my quick tips for natural ways to freshen up after a workout!

  • Charcoal Bar – a quick wash of my face & I’m ready to go! I love how easily this bar suds up without being drying for my oily prone skin!
  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion – perfect moisturizer that has bio-mimicking technology (Smart phones? Smart moisturizer!) to meet the needs of daily stressors like sun, travel, stress, etc!
  • Citrus Mimosa Body Bar – I may not have time for a quick shower but if I’ve done a super sweaty workout, I’ma wash my underarms. Sorry. I just am. If this feels weird just remember, you’re at home. It’s not like you’re washing your underarms in a gym bathroom.
  • Dry Shampoo – I love this DIY version for light or dark hair! If you haven’t tried dry shampoo let them welcome you to every meme from the 21st century. Basically, it’s magical. The only downside (IMO) to dry shampoo is that after too much use it can make your hair look a bit dull. But that’s certainly better than looking like a grease pit…

Freshen up for the gym

So let’s say you’re at the gym. These are now your bare survival essentials. Quick things you can keep in your gym bag & whip together in under 2 minutes. It’s going to be a rush, but you can do it.

  • Rosewater Mist – AMAZING for a refresher after a tough workout. Trust me. This stuff is like unicorn dust. Even better, it will absorb oil & balance your skin tone. You won’t feel greasy & your skin will look hydrated. Plus it smells like roses, so…
  • Lipgloss – a quick swipe of lip gloss is sometimes all you need to look a bit more pulled together. My favorite color is Buff from Beautycounter. It’s got that subtle hint of neutral color that works so well for a no-makeup look! Not sticky & smells like vanilla.
  • Deodorant – I’m test driving this Native brand. Bonus points to them because when you place your first order you get prompted to add a travel size deo to your cart!
  • Wide Headband – Ok, so I don’t have a link for this one but I have to say, a wide headband saves my hair after the gym. Honestly, I usually just wear it to the gym to do my workout. Having short hair especially, or if you’re someone who has bangs, it can be really hard to find a headband that holds everything away from your face. I got a wide headband at Athleta years ago. It’s so good I’m still wearing it & I’ve been hard pressed to find another one that compares – I actually haven’t – so if you run across a soft, wide headband do not pass that baby up.

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