I know I’ve done a lot of book reviews lately & there are a couple of reasons for this.

First. Right now, more than any other time, there are a boat load of Paleo cookbooks hitting the market. (HOORAY) Right now, more than any other time, Paleo is hitting the mainstream & becoming more ‘popular’. And by popular I mean, us Paleo folks aren’t seen as sitting on the sidelines, perched on our haunches, scratching our fleas while plucking feathers from a chicken. When I say Paleo is becoming ‘popular’ what I mean is your Aunt Donna called you & said she heard about the Paleo diet on Doctor Oz & she read that drinking bone broth is really beneficial now. She’s thinking about buying some coconut oil. Mmmmhmmmmm, you say. Then you run out & buy your “I was Paleo before Paleo was cool” t-shirt. Just kidding. Kind of.

The reason I’ve been so stoked about doing Paleo cookbook reviews is that because I truly wanted people to see, this is a way of life. I’ve been following the Paleo diet for a few years now. I’ve nourished my kids this way & my somewhat less enthusiastic, gluten loving husband now no longer balks at bacon fat & butter like he used to. I’ve worked to manage digestive issues with my children. I’ve seen changes in headaches, stomach aches & I’ve reversed the severe eczema my youngest had by eliminating gluten & following a Paleo/Primal approach. I wanted people to see that you truly can thrive on a Paleo diet.

Second. I wanted to support these Paleo authors as much as possible. They are the ones who are a constant source of inspiration & I know how hard they work. By helping them be successful, I felt I was only helping to further the real food movement.

But… I did do a lot of reviews. So I decided I wouldn’t do anymore for awhile.

And then Hayley reached out to me.

And bless her, who could say no to Hayley? Not me.

Here’s the thing. Make it Paleo (the first cookbook by Primal Palate) was one of the very first Paleo cookbooks I ever bought. I never imagined that a few years later I’d have my own real food blog & the authors of that first cookbook would be reaching out to me, asking if I’d like a review copy of their new book.

So… I couldn’t say no.

I really feel like I can’t thank Bill & Hayley enough. Their passion for the real food movement & commitment to spreading new ideas around health & wellness has inspired not only me but countless other people. By continuing to support the Paleo/Primal lifestyle we are all working to bring the real food movement into the mainstream & that means changes for everyone. It means my mom takes fermented cod liver oil now. It means my dad eats cauliflower. And maybe I’m an idealist but eventually I hope it means parents & grandparents can stop taking medications & start to reverse the years of low fat, high carb, processed food, hamster wheels they’ve been running on.

But now that all that’s outta the way, let’s just get on to the review, shall we?

Book review

Make It Paleo 2 by Hayley Mason, Bill Staley & Caitlin Nagelson will be a welcome addition to any food lovers cookbook collection. Real food, creative recipes, stunning photography & opportunities to make dietary adaptations (nightshade, dairy, nut & egg free) make this the Miss Congeniality of cookbooks. You can’t help but love it.

Among the many recipes we made, my kids really loved the whole roasted head of cauliflower.

And we especially loved the Moroccan Beef Short Ribs.