After writing this post: KonMari Meets The Capsule Wardrobe, I’ve been working to apply KonMari to any area of my life possible! It’s been a fun experiment with varied results. Obviously, being a gal who loves her makeup & skincare products I have to be honest, pairing down my makeup bag would probably be one of my biggest challenges ever. In fact, there’s a part of me that secretly loves the joy of trying new items – all in the name of research, of course… But, even if I couldn’t completely KonMari my makeup bag permanently, this is still a great exercise for when I’m traveling because I obviously can’t bring along everything I own! And I don’t want to. I like to pack light. So I figured it would be a great time to share what would happen when KonMari Meets your Makeup Bag!

Your makeup bag

First things, first. Personally, I would get rid of any potential offenders that may contribute to any health concerns. Confused on where to start? Check out this post on 5 tips for switching to safer beauty products.

The EWG‘s Healthy Living app is a great place to start. You can use the app to scan items if you happen to be out & about shopping & need to know how a particular product rates.

Now, since we’re using the KonMari method of cleaning out our makeup bag, really the goal is to get rid of anything that doesn’t give you joy. But… that can be a slippery slope for me, especially with makeup. So in an effort to embrace minimalism, I’ll be giving you my tried & true favorites. My must have daily items that I just can’t live without. And, we’ll also be going for a more natural makeup look.

Dew Skin – minimal, lightweight coverage but with the benefit of SPF! This is a great tinted moisturizer for people who want a bit of coverage but also want that sun protection. Pro tip: use this retractable foundation brush for the most even coverage! It has a lid to keep the brush & your makeup bag from getting yucky.

Concealer Pen – I wanted to make sure I was keeping brush options to a minimum in our makeup bag so this concealer pen is perfect. You’ve got both product & brush in one applicator. What more could you ask for?

Eyebrow Pencil – I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. The brows frame the face. This is one item I never forget! Check out this post for 3 tips for flawless brows!

Mascara – Deal breaker for me. If there’s one thing you’d have to pry from my kung fu grip, it’s gonna be my mascara! For a more natural look I love Beautycounter’s Lengthening Mascara. For a more dramatic look, I love Well People’s Expressionist Mascara or Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara.

Cheek Color – If we’re going minimal here, I have to give it up to this Caramel Cream Blush. No brush required as it comes in a stick & you can apply with your hands. This stunning color is subtle enough to be worn even on days you’re a bit hurried & it still gives you a fresh look. Pro tip: can be used on lips or eyelids as well!

Highlighter – One of my secret weapons. I adore this Bio Brightening highligher from Well People in stick form. Simple to apply & trust me when I say, you will not look like you’re going to a disco. It’s got a subtle shimmer – no glitter.

Lippy Color – This is a tough one for me so I’m going to give two options (because variety is the spice of life, right?). If you’re a gloss girl, I have to recommend this lip gloss in Peony. It’s just about the most perfect pink color ever. And I’m not a pink makeup kinda girl. If you’re more of a lipstick kinda gal, I have to recommend this lip sheer in Twig. It can be layered for a more pigmented look, worn under gloss or blotted with powder for a matte look. PLUS, it’s literally the most moisturizing lip stick I’ve ever worn. Ever.

Anything you’d add to this list? Wanna learn more about safer makeup options?