I have had such a great time doing these Periscope videos every Friday for you guys! This week we had a beautifully cloudy day so I was able to show some BTS for finding low light & then move right into how to use movement and color in food styling.

In this scope I also got to talk about product placement which is something that is so important for food bloggers! How often do we get contacted to do sponsored posts & brands want their products as part of the images? While this might seem simple at first, when you’re working with something like a plastic bottle or an odd shaped container, it can provide it’s own unique challenges. I’ve gotten several comments on this so I think it’s something I may dedicate another scope to later on!

How to use movement, color and more in food styling

The big takeaways from this video are:

  • finding low light on cloudy days
  • understanding how to use movement in your images
  • using colors to enhance your image
  • how to use products in your images in a natural way

Now that you’ve seen the behind the scenes, check out the recipe. Click here to see Purple Potato Salad with Herbed Vinaigrette.

Backdrop in this shot is from Erickson Woodworks.

The spoon I reference is from Polder’s Old World Market.

I’ve had several people ask about the set up I use to make my scopes & while I don’t think it’s worthy of an entire post, I will share that I use this tripod, with this tripod arm extension & this iPhone clip that screws into the tripod (both the arm or mount).

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