Can I just start this off with saying – the title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek. I clearly do not consider myself a failure in anything. In fact, because I love (& recommend!) this book on understanding strengths, I actually know that trying & failing is a way I learn. Yes, I am that annoying person who truly believes even a failure is a form of success. That’s why I can happily (& jokingly) title this post How to Fail at Being a Food Blogger.

Let me also preface this post with the fact that I never intended this to actually be a post. It was an email I wrote to my newsletter subscribers. Then I decided to share it on Instagram & darn if they don’t have a character limit in both captions AND comments (seriously, you’re killing me, Instagram). SO, HERE WE SIT NOW.

Let’s have a chat, shall we?

How to know when we are going to fail to be a food blogger

I feel like there are a two types of people: those who LOVE the new year & use it as the consummate opportunity to jump into resolutions or those who love to buck the system & say they’ll keep doing life the way they always have. No major changes for them, thankyouverymuch.

This year, I’m feeling very ready for a fresh start & there’s a big reason. It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out how to share with you guys for awhile & I’m finally putting words to the way I’m feeling.

Basically, I’m burned out.

When I started Eat Your Beets almost 4 years ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what all it would encompass, but I did know I wanted to share my passion of healthy eating & general wellness with the world.

As I started wiggling around in the ‘good idea factory’ of my blog, I realized there were a lot of topics I wanted to write about. So I did. But over time, I realized, as can happen with anything, I ended up doing what felt easy; what felt comfortable. And that was to churn out weekly recipes.

And you guys, while I love cooking, I’m really really really really really burned out on writing recipes. And I realized, it kinda made cooking not so fun for me anymore, but I did it anyway, because it was familiar & routine & doing something else made me feel scared & worried & uncomfortable. So I kept doing the thing I’d been doing for so long even though I’ve realized for quite some time now, that my blog didn’t feel like a true reflection of myself. And you guys, that kinda sucked.

Something happened over the 4 years of writing this blog. I realized, like most humans, I had many more passions that what I was writing about. I love cooking. I love photography. I love clothes & creating a style that empowers me & makes me feel fabulous in my skin. I love makeup & skin care & manicures & searching for safer, healthier options. I love being a pseudo hippy & doing things a lot of people would find a bit too ‘crunchy’ but I never got the chance to share that kinda stuff with you guys because of being too darn scared to break out of the box I created for myself as a ‘food blogger’.

In the end, I realized that my blog is what I make it. So this is my notice to you (& myself because apparently I need to draw big boundaries within myself).

From this point forward, here’s my mission

I believe that real food has power. I also believe in the power of ordering pizza when you’re at your wits end.

I believe in actively searching for safer health & beauty products. In progress over perfection. I reserve the right to paint my face as often as I please. I deserve the right to choose products I feel confident in, not only for my entire family, but the items I put on my body every day.

I believe in bucking the system of conventional beauty & unsubscribing from what society tells me I should look like.

I believe in creating an environment inside my home that contributes to my overall happiness, recognizing the fact that wellness isn’t just made up in the kale that I eat or the miles that I cycle. Happiness lives in the chaos of my household where kids are messy & loud but learning gratitude & appreciation.

I believe I have the ability to create change with my purchases by looking at where my clothes are sourced & how they are produced.

I believe stuff & things won’t really make me happy. I believe my self worth isn’t tied to a number inside my pants or on a scale. I believe you & I are capable of so much but some days we get to phone it in because real life isn’t played out for the masses on social media. No one lives an Instagram lifestyle with perfect filters.

I believe in more social, less media

I believe in the power of real female friendships & the bonds that women create. I believe in art & music & traveling as much as possible.

I believe in you & the power you have within yourself to reach any goal or make any changes you see fit. Whether those happen at the stroke of midnight on NYE or 6 months later at the bottom of a pint of ice cream.

If you like all this. I hope you’ll stick around. I promise, there will be still recipes. But there will also be so, so much more.

It’s gonna be awesome.