I was really excited to hop onto this Periscope with you guys this morning because not only do I get asked about how to capture movement often, I also get asked how I take pictures with my own hands in the shot! I knew you guys would really be excited to see how to capture movement in food photography so this was a fun scope.

In this scope I share how to capture movement using both fast & slow shutter speed. As well as giving tips on what you need & what steps will help you achieve your shot with the least pain. Because as we know, shooting with a tripod can sometimes be a pain.

Tips to capture the right movement in food photography

The important things to remember when you’re capturing movement are:

  • You need to be shooting in manual mode
  • You really need a tripod

Secondly, depending on what type of movement you’re hoping to capture, you’ll need to adjust your shutter speed. If you want to capture fast movement like sugar dusting or sprinkling salt or herbs, a very fast shutter speed is ideal.

If you’re hoping to capture slow movement & freeze a moment in time, like pouring milk or syrup, a slow shutter speed is ideal.

The big takeaways from this video are remember to do the following:

  • Set up your shot with your focal point on something stationary.
  • Make sure your aperture is set at a high enough number to get everything in focus (like f3.5 or 4).
  • Set your shutter speed (fast or slow), make sure you’re metered for correct exposure.
  • Turn your camera on burst or continuous high (CH) speed if someone is holding the shutter button for you or use your camera timer (refer to your manual to see how to do these things).
  • Play around with sprinkling, drizzling or pouring.

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