37 Foods That Start With X

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You might think it’s impossible to find foods that start with X, but you’d be surprised! There are quite a few unique and tasty snacks out there that have the elusive double-x as their first letter. From xuxu (which is a Brazilian fruit) to xocolatl (the Aztec chocolate drink that conquered the world), this fun guide takes you through all of them. Each entry will give you some background knowledge on these special treats so grab your fork and prepare for an exciting culinary tour around the world. Bon appetite!

Foods That Start With the Letter X

Here are some fantastic foods that start with X. Which ones have you tried?

Xavier Steak

Xavier steak is teak topped with swiss cheese, and braised asparagus. It’s a classic dish that is perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Where Does Xavier Steak Come From?

Xavier steak is a specialty dish from Argentina, where it is commonly served in restaurants and steakhouses. This simple grilled steak is known for its rich, savory flavors and hearty texture, which makes it perfect for satisfying hungry appetites.

Xouba (Spiced Sardines)

Looking for foods that start with X? Try Xouba!

What Is Xouba?

Xouba is a traditional dish from the island of Sardinia. It consists of spiced sardines that are roasted in the oven and served with bread or polenta. The savory dish is popular throughout Italy and is often served as an appetizer.

What Does Xouba Taste Like?

The sardines are marinated in olive oil, garlic, and other herbs before being roasted in the oven. The result is a savory and slightly smoky dish that pairs perfectly with bread or polenta.

Xuxu (A Brazilian Fruit)

Xuxu is a tropical fruit native to Brazil and is typically eaten raw as a snack or added to juices and desserts. The fruit has a sweet, citrusy flavor with notes of grapefruit and tangerine, and it is also high in fiber and antioxidants.

Xocolati (Mexican Hot Chocolate)

Xocolati is a popular chocolate drink that was invented in the Aztec Empire. It is made by melting chocolate with spices like cinnamon, anise, and dry chili flakes to create a rich and spicy drink.

This milky sweet hot cocoa is popular in Mexico, where it is often served as a warm and comforting beverage on chilly winter days. Try this rich chocolate beverage for a sweet treat that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Xidoufen (Pea Porridge)

Xidoufen is a popular Chinese soup made from boiled pea meal and other ingredients. Xidoufen is traditionally served during the Chinese New Year in many parts of China, and it is thought to bring good luck.

How Is Xidoufen Prepared?

Xidoufen is typically made by first boiling pea meal, which can be substituted with other ingredients like mung bean or corn flour if you don’t have pea meal on hand.

The hot broth soup is then flavored with a combination of garlic, sichuan pepper oil and other herbs and spices. The finished dish is typically served hot and garnished with scallions or cilantro for extra flavor and color.

Xató Salad (Catalan Endive Salad)

Xató salad is a popular dish from the Catalan region of Spain. It consists of endives, baby artichokes, fresh tuna, red onions, and olive oil dressed with balsamic vinegar and served on a bed of arugula.

Xato salad is often garnished with pine nuts and raisins for added texture and flavor.


Xoai is a type of melon that is grown in Southeast Asia and is known for its sweet, juicy flesh. The fruit has a similar flavor to honeydew or cantaloupe, and it can be eaten raw or used in desserts and beverages.

Xue Hua Dofu (Sichuan Bean Curd)

Xue hua dofu is a traditional Chinese dish from the Sichuan province. It is made by simmering bean curd in a flavorful broth and adding a variety of herbs and spices for extra flavor.

Xue hua dofu is popularly served as a side dish or appetizer, but it can also be enjoyed on its own as a light snack.

Xanath Ice Cream

Xanath is a Mexican ice cream flavor that combines the flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

The creamy traditional dessert is popular throughout Mexico and has gained in popularity elsewhere in the world as well. It is often served on its own or with fresh berries or other toppings.

Xenon Lemon Pie

Xenon lemon pie is a tart and zesty dessert that combines the flavors of fresh lemon, cream cheese, and butter. The pie has a crumbly crust made from crushed graham crackers and is garnished with slices of lemon for added flavor and color.

Xiaolongbao (Soup Dumplings)

Xiaolongbao is a type of steamed dumpling popular in Shanghai, China. The dumplings are made from dough-filled meat or seafood, then steamed to cook the ingredients inside.

How To Serve Xiaolongbao?

Xiaolongbao is typically served as an appetizer or snack. This chinese steamed bun can be ordered at Chinese restaurants or prepared at home by following a simple recipe.

To eat, you simply place the dumpling in your mouth and let the hot Chinese soup filling melt in your mouth. Then, use your chopsticks to pick up any pieces of meat or seafood that may have fallen out. Enjoy!

Xanadu Soup (Mushroom and Gruyere Soup)

Xanadu soup is a flavorful and hearty dish from Switzerland. It is made by combining mushrooms, onions, butter, milk, and grated gruyere cheese to create a rich and creamy broth. The soup can be enjoyed on its own or served with crusty bread for dipping.

Xacuti Chicken Curry

Xacuti curry is a popular dish in India and other South Asian countries made from tender pieces of meat or cooked in creamy, sliced or grated coconut curry sauce with white poppy seeds. This delicious dish is rich and satisfying while also being healthy and nutritious, making it the perfect choice for any meal.

What Does Xacuti Taste Like?

The flavors of xacuti chicken curry are complex and rich, with bold notes of spice from the chili peppers. The dish also features a subtle sweetness from the coconut milk, which balances out the heat from the chilis. Due to its complex flavor profile, xacuti is often considered one of the most delicious curries in India.

Xi’an Spicy Noodles

Xi’an spicy noodles are a popular street food dish in the city of Xi’an, China. The noodles are made from wheat flour and served in a rich broth flavored with chili oil and fresh herbs.

How To Serve Xi’an Spicy Noodles?

Xi’an spicy noodles are typically served as a snack or side dish and can be enjoyed at any time of day. They are typically eaten with chopsticks and may be garnished with fresh herbs such as cilantro or scallions for added flavor.

Xavier Soup

Xavuer soup is a traditional Italian soup made with delicious parmesan dumplings and rich chicken broth (chicken stock). The soup is flavored with aromatic herbs like thyme, rosemary, and sage, and red pepper flakes. This delicious soup is typically served as a first course for dinner.

Why Is Xavier Soup So Popular?

Xavier soup is a wonderfully comforting dish that has been enjoyed in Italy for centuries. The savory combination of cheese dumplings and chicken broth offers a rich, flavorful taste that is perfect for warming up on cold winter evenings.

Additionally, the soup is often made with locally sourced ingredients and features high-quality parmesan cheese, making it a popular choice at restaurants throughout Italy.

Xinjiang Carrots

Xinjiang carrots, also known as Chinese carrots, are a variety of carrot native to the Xinjiang region of China.

Xinjiang carrots have beautiful colors ranging from yellow to orange and deep red, and they are typically sweeter than other types of carrots. These carrots are incredibly popular in Chinese cuisine for their sweet flavor and versatile uses in sweet and savory dishes.

Xiu Mai (Steamed Pork Dumplings)

Xiu mai, also known simply as steamed Chinese dumplings filled with pork. The dumplings consist of a combination of pork and aromatics like ginger and scallion, which are wrapped in a thin dough wrapper and then steamed to create a tender filling that is full of flavor. Xiu mai are typically served with a dipping sauce, such as soy sauce.

Xingren Donfu

Xingren donfu is a traditional Chinese dish from the Hunan province, made with steamed rice cakes served in a sweet ginger broth. The dish also known as rice shrimp is popular for its rich flavor and is made from almond milk, gelati, agar and other ingredients.

Xue Rou Si (Braised Pork Belly)

Xue rou si, also known as red-cooked pork, is a popular Chinese dish that features tender slices of pork belly braised in a sweet and savory sauce. This dish is popular in the southern regions of China, where it is typically served with sticky rice or noodles for a complete meal.

Xuixo de Crema Catalana

Xuixo de crema catalana is a classic Spanish dessert made from crisp puff pastry stuffed with rich custard and dusted with sugar. This delicious treat was originally invented in the Catalan region of Spain, but it has since become popular throughout the country and beyond.

What Does Xuixo de Crema Catalana Taste Like?

Xuixo de crema catalana has a wonderfully crisp and buttery pastry layer that gives way to a smooth and creamy custard center. The sweet flavors of vanilla and caramel from the custard are balanced out by the slight tanginess of lemon zest, creating a delightful combination of flavors in every bite.

Xuero Shrimp Soup

Xuero shrimp soup is a traditional Peruvian dish made from shrimp and aromatic herbs simmered in rich broth. This hearty soup is often served as an appetizer or first course, but it can also be enjoyed on its own for a satisfying meal.

Why Is Xuero Shrimp Soup So Popular?

Xuero shrimp soup is popular in Peru for several reasons. Not only does this dish feature fresh, high-quality ingredients like local shrimp and aromatic herbs, but it is also easy to prepare and can be enjoyed at any time of day. Additionally, the rich broth and tender shrimp make this soup incredibly comforting and satisfying.

Xo Sauce

Xo sauce is a popular Chinese condiment made from a savory combination of chili paste, garlic, ginger, dried seafood and other seasonings.

This delicious sauce is often used to enhance the flavors of stir-fried dishes, noodle soups, or steamed vegetables. It is highly versatile and can be customized based on individual preferences and has a great umami flavor.

Xanthos Turkey Burrito

Xanthos turkey burrito is a delicious Mexican dish made from shredded turkey and savory seasonings wrapped in a soft tortilla. This hearty burrito is packed with protein and flavor, making it the perfect choice for a quick and satisfying meal any time of day. Xanthos turkey burritos are also incredibly easy to prepare.

Xi’an Lamb Skewers

Xi’an lamb skewers are a classic Chinese dish made from tender morsels of grilled lamb marinated in aromatic spices and served with freshly cooked vegetables. This popular street food is incredibly flavorful and enjoyable, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Why Are Xi’an Lamb Skewers So Popular?

Xi’an lamb skewers are popular in China for a number of reasons. Not only do they feature fresh, high-quality ingredients like tender lamb and aromatic spices, but they are incredibly easy to prepare and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Additionally, the bold flavors of the marinated meat combined with the fresh vegetables create a satisfying and satisfying meal that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Xuanwei Ham

Xuanwei ham is a traditional Chinese cured meat product made from pork leg that is marinated in a special blend of spices and herbs.

This delicious, savory ham is prized for its tender texture and rich flavor, which makes it a popular ingredient in many traditional Chinese dishes.

Xanthan Gum Cookies

Xanthan gum cookies are a popular treat made from soft and chewy cookies that are studded with pieces of fresh fruit or nuts. These delicious cookies feature the distinctive flavor and texture of xanthan gum (a popular food additive), which is commonly used in gluten-free baking.

Xia Jiao Jiaozi

Xia jiao jiaozi, also known simply as “xia jiao”, are traditional Chinese dumplings made from ground meat and vegetables wrapped in a thin dough shell. These flavorful dumplings are a popular comfort food in China, as they are hearty and satisfying while still being easy to prepare.

How To Eat Xia Jiao

Xia jiao can be enjoyed as a snack or a main dish depending on the toppings and accompanying sauces or gravies. Whether pan-fried, boiled, or steamed, xia jiao are a delicious and popular addition to any meal.

Xinjiang Flatbreads

Xinjiang flatbreads are a traditional Chinese dish made from unleavened dough that is baked or grilled over an open fire. These flavorful flatbreads are popular throughout the Xinjiang region of China, where they are served with a variety of savory fillings and sauces.

Flatbreads can be enjoyed as a snack or as part of an appetizer or main course. They are also an excellent way to enjoy many different flavors in one dish, making them a versatile and delicious choice for any meal. Xinjiang flatbreads are an iconic regional dish that is delicious and highly sought after.

Xuanwu Lake Fish

Xuanwu Lake fish is a popular Chinese dish made from fresh, whole fish that are cooked simply with spices and herbs. This simple yet flavorful recipe highlights the natural flavors of the fresh fish and is enjoyed all throughout China for its simplicity and delicious flavor.

Xalapa Punch

Xapápaya punch is a sweet and refreshing drink made from the delicious fruit of the xapápaya plant. This naturally-sweetened beverage is an excellent choice for any occasion, as it can be enjoyed hot or cold and goes well with a wide range of foods.

Xalapa punch has cherry brandy, rum, red wine, heated orange rinds and black tea making it the perfect mixture of sweet and spiced flavors.

Xuancheng ‘Fried Milk’

Xuancheng ‘fried milk’ is a traditional Chinese dish made from fresh milk that is deep-fried and then plunged into a sweet syrup. This delicious dessert offers the rich, creamy flavor of fresh milk with a crispy stuffed crust to create an indulgent and satisfying treat. Xuancheng ‘fried milk’

Xiao Tian’ER Sweet Rice Balls

Xiao Tian’er sweet rice balls are a popular Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour that is shaped into small balls, boiled, and then coated in sugar syrup.

These simple yet delicious dumplings offer a satisfying mix of chewy texture and sweet flavor that makes them the perfect treat to enjoy any time of day.

Xiabu Xiabu Hot Pot

Xiabu Xiabu hot pot is a flavorful Chinese dish made from a simmering broth that is filled with fresh vegetables and tender pieces of meat.

This delicious hot pot offers the best of both worlds, as it is hearty and satisfying while also being light and nutritious, making it an ideal choice for any meal.

Xinjiang Turpan Noodles

Xinjiang Turpan noodles are a popular Chinese dish made with fresh hand-pulled noodles, stewed meats and vegetables.

Xinjiang noodle soup is the perfect meal any time of day, as it offers the satisfying flavors of meat and vegetables while also being light and nutritious.

Xiao Longxia Sweet-And-Sour Fish

Xiao Longxia sweet-and-sour fish is a popular Chinese dish made from whole, fresh fish that are coated in a delicious sweet-and-sour sauce.

This simple yet flavorful recipe highlights the natural flavors of fresh fish and is enjoyed all throughout China for its simplicity and delicious flavor.

Xi Gua Lao

Xi Gua Lao Pao is a sweet dish that combines watermelon with vanilla powder and agar. This traditional dessert is popular in China, Japan and Korea making it a delicious choice for anyone looking for a sweet treat that is both satisfying and healthy.

Try These Foods That Start With X

Now you have a whole list of foods that start with X, from xiao tian’er sweet rice balls to xinjiang turpan noodles. Whether you’re looking for a simple snack or something more exotic, this list has you covered!

So why not give one of these delicious dishes a try today?​

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