Foods That Start With F 

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If you’re looking for an interesting way to ABC (Always Be Curious) your taste buds, look no further! Foods that start with the letter F do just that. From fair-time favorites like french fries and fried chicken to exotic treats from around the world like fettuccine alfredo and falafel, there are plenty of delicious dishes out there just waiting to be tasted.

Explore this wide variety of tasty foods beginning with F for some new additions to your culinary repertoire – the only thing you can’t guarantee is how full your stomach will be afterwards!


Foods Beginning With the Letter F

These letter F Food Ideas are sure to get the taste buds going. Enjoy this list and let me know what you love!

French Fries

French fries are a classic food that has been enjoyed by people around the world for years. Whether you like them with ketchup, mayonnaise, or just plain old salt and pepper, there’s no denying that french fries are one of the tastiest foods to start with F.

French Fries

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is a delicious Italian pasta dish made with fettuccine noodles, butter, Parmesan cheese, and cream. This creamy and rich dish is perfect for a special dinner or as an indulgent weeknight meal.

Learn how to make Instant Pot Fettucine Alfredo here!

Fettuccine Alfredo Is One Of The Foods That Start With F.

Fish Fingers

Fish fingers are a childhood food classic – and they’re also one of the tastiest foods that start with F.

Whether you prefer them baked or fried, there’s nothing quite like biting into a crispy fish finger for pure satisfaction.

Fish Fingers Are One Of The Foods That Start With F.

French Dip Sandwiched

Feeling like a hearty sandwich? A delicious French dip sandwich is a perfect choice.

What Is French Dip?

A French dip is a type of sandwich that includes thinly sliced roast beef, cheese, and other tasty toppings, all served on a crusty brioche bun. The key to this delicious dish is the flavorful dipping sauce that’s served on the side – typically made with beef broth or au jus sauce.

If you’re looking for an easy and satisfying meal to enjoy, look no further than a delicious french dip sandwich.

French Dip Sandwiched.

Fish and Chips

No list of foods that start with F would be complete without fish and chips. This classic British dish consists of battered and fried fish paired with crispy, salty French fries – the perfect way to satisfy your cravings for comfort food.

Fish And Chips.

Fromage Blanc

Fromage blanc is a French cheese that’s similar to cream cheese but with a milder taste. It can be used in everything from dips and desserts to savory sauces, making it an incredibly versatile ingredient to cook with.

Fromage Blanc Is One Of The Foods That Start With F.


Try Farce if you’re looking for new foods that start with F.

What Is Farce?

Farce is a mixture of ground raw chicken, breadcrumbs, and seasonings that’s often used as a filling for meats like chicken, beef, or fish. With its delicious blend of flavors, farce is perfect for adding some extra oomph to your favorite dishes.


Fajitas are a Tex-Mex dish that typically consists of grilled chicken or beef, peppers and onions, and tortillas. The meat and vegetables are cooked together on a grill or in a skillet, and then the fajitas are assembled by wrapping the meat and vegetables in a flour tortilla.

Check out this weight watchers chicken Fajitas recipe! It’s a popular sheet pan recipe many people love!

Fajitas Ready To Serve.


Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish that consists of fried balls or patties made from ground chickpeas or fava beans.

What Does Falafel Taste Like?

Falafel is flavorful, savory and crunchy. It pairs well with just about any dipping sauce – from tahini to hummus to spicy harissa paste.

How to Serve Falafel?

Falafel is typically served as a sandwich, with the balls or patties being placed inside a pita bread pocket along with lettuce, tomatoes, and tahini sauce.

Falafel makes a delicious meal and is a good source of protein, making it a healthy and satisfying choice for lunch or dinner.

Futsu Squash

Futsu squash is a type of winter squash that is prized for its versatility in the kitchen. It has a mild flavor and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, from pie filling to roasted side dishes.

Futsu Squash.

How to Cook Futsu Squash?

To cook futsu squash simply cut it in half and scoop out the seeds, then place the two halves cut-side down on a baking sheet. Roast them at 375 degrees F for about an hour or until soft.

French Toast

French toast is a breakfast dish that consists of bread dipped in egg and milk mixture and then fried. French toast can be served plain, or it can be topped with fruit, syrup, or powdered sugar.

Try this Pumpkin French Toast Casserole for a delicious twist on French toast! It tastes great topped with maple syrup and whipped cream!

French Toast Ready To Serve.


Flan is a baked custard dessert that is popular in many different countries, including Mexico and Spain. Flan has a smooth, creamy texture and a lightly sweet flavor that makes it the perfect dessert to satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

What Does Plan Taste Like?

Flan has a sweet, creamy flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. Flan has a sweeter flavor than other custard desserts and is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

How to Serve Flan?

Flan is typically served in small cups or ramekins, making it the perfect individual dessert to end any meal. It can also be sliced and served as part of a larger dessert spread.

Flan Ready To Be Eaten With Spoon.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a dish that consists of chicken that has been coated in flour or another type of breading and then fried in oil. Fried chicken is typically served with mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits.

Fried Chicken Plate With Salad.

Fried Chicken Mushroom

Some people love to combine mushrooms with their chicken to make a delicious and satisfying fried chicken mushroom dish. This is one of those foods that starts with F you’ll want to try!

Fisherman’s Stew

Fisherman’s stew is a popular seafood dish that can be found in many restaurants, especially those along the coast. This stew is made with fish, shellfish, and vegetables, and it’s usually cooked in broth or tomato sauce.

Fishermans Stew In A Bowl With Bread.


A frittata is an Italian dish similar to an omelet or quiche. A frittata typically contains scrambled eggs, cheese, vegetables, and meat, and it is cooked slowly over low heat so that the eggs are cooked through but still soft in the center.

Frittata In A Pan.


Fricandeau is a French cuisine dish consisting of slow-cooked veal or pork. This dish is usually braised in stock, and it is served with vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes, and mushrooms.

How to Serve Fricandeau?

Fricandeau is often served as part of a classic French meal, such as boeuf bourguignon or coq au vin. This hearty and flavorful dish is sure to satisfy your cravings for rich, savory flavors.

Fricandeau In A Plate.


Fudge is a type of candy that is made by combining sugar, butter, milk, and chocolate. Fudge can be made in many different flavors, such as chocolate, peanut butter, raspberry, and mint.

Fudge is often sold in squares or bars and is a great sweet treat.


French Onion Soup

French onion soup is a classic French dish that consists of an onion-based soup topped with toasted bread and cheese. The dish is typically made from beef stock, onions, and red or white wine, and it can be served as a starter or as the main course.

What Does French Onion Soup Taste Like?

French onion soup has a rich, savory flavor with hints of caramelized onions and beef broth. This hearty soup is sure to satisfy your cravings for something warm and comforting.

Is French Onion Soup Healthy?

French onion soup has a rich and savory flavor that can be both comforting and satisfying. Because it is made with beef stock, it is also a relatively healthy option for a hearty meal.

French Onion Soup On A Wooden Table.

Fried Calamari

Fried calamari is a type of seafood that is typically served as an appetizer. The calamari rings are usually coated in flour or breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

What Does Calamari Taste Like?

Calamari has a mild and slightly sweet flavor, making it a delicious choice for a savory appetizer. It also has an addictive crunch that is sure to leave you wanting more!

How to Serve Fried Calamari?

Fried calamari is typically served as an appetizer, either on its own or with dipping sauces like marinara or tartar sauce. It’s a great food beginning with F.

Fried Calamari With Sauce.


Farro is a type of ancient grain that has a nutty, chewy texture when cooked. It is a staple food in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, and it is often used as a substitute for rice or pasta in dishes.


What Does Farro Taste Like?

Farro has a nutty flavor with a slightly earthy taste. It can be prepared in many different ways, such as boiled, sautéed, roasted, or baked, and can be used to make salads, soups, and pilafs, or it can be eaten on its own as a side dish.


Focaccia is a type of Italian flatbread that is topped with herbs, cheese, olives, or other ingredients. Focaccia is typically baked in large sheets and cut into squares to serve as an appetizer or side dish.

Focaccia On A Wooden Board.

What Does Focaccia Taste Like?

Focaccia has a slightly salty and savory flavor, making it the perfect bread to enjoy with hearty soups and stews. It can also be topped with more flavorful ingredients like olives, cheese, and herbs to really enhance its flavor profile.

How to Serve Focaccia?

Focaccia is best eaten fresh and is commonly consumed as a snack or as part of a larger meal. It is also great for dipping into sauces like marinara or pesto.

Flemish Beef Stew

Flemish beef stew is a Belgian dish that contains chunks of beef, onions, carrots, and potatoes in a rich gravy. The stew is typically cooked for hours over low heat so that the meat becomes fall-apart tender.

Flemish Beef Stew Ready To Serve.

Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are popular Mexican dishes made from battered or breaded fish that has been fried and then served in a tortilla with toppings such as shredded cabbage, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, or lime juice.

How to Serve Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are typically served as an appetizer or a main course. They can be served on their own or with a side of rice or tortilla chips, and they are delicious when topped with your favorite condiments and sauces.

Fish Tacos On A Plate.


The feijoa is a fruit that is native to South America. The fruit is oval-shaped and has a green skin with white flesh. Feijoas have a sweet, aromatic flavor and are often used in jams and jellies. Feijoas are also known as pineapple guava or guavasteen in South America.

How to Eat Feijoa?

There are many different ways to enjoy feijoa. The fruit is typically eaten raw and can be sliced or diced and added to salads, salsas, or smoothies. Feijoas can also be cooked into jams, jellies, and desserts.

Feijoa Alongside With Other Fruits.

French Bread

French bread is a type of crusty loaf that has a chewy texture and a mild flavor. It is usually baked in a baguette style, but it can also be oval-shaped or round.

French bread is commonly used for sandwiches and as an accompaniment to various dishes such as soups and stews, casseroles, and pasta.

French toast can be used to make a sweet dish called pain perdu, which is a French dish made from stale bread soaked in a mixture of eggs, milk, and vanilla.

French Bread Slices

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a delicious dish made from fresh and seasonal fruits. The fruit is typically cut into bite-sized pieces and tossed together with a dressing, such as lemon juice or honey, to add flavor and moisture.

What Goes in Fruit Salad?

The ingredients used to make fruit salad can vary depending on the season and your personal preferences. Some common fruits that are often included in a fruit salad include apples, pears, oranges, berries, melon, pineapple, and grapes.

How to Serve Fruit Salad?

Fruit salad makes a great snack or dessert and can be eaten on its own or paired with other dishes like yogurt, ice cream, or granola. Check out this Weight Watchers Fruit Salad recipe here!

Fresh Fruit salad.

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is a popular treat that is made from deep-fried batter and covered in powdered sugar or another sweet topping. The cake has a crispy, funnel-shaped appearance and is usually served as a dessert at carnivals and fairs.

Learn how to make easy Instant Pot Funnel Cakes here!

Funnel Cake Ready To Serve.

Feta Cheese

Looking for a cheese that starts with F? Try Feta Cheese!

What Is Feta Cheese?

Feta cheese is a type of crumbly white cheese that is made from sheep or goat’s milk. It has a salty and tangy flavor which makes it perfect for use in salads, pizza, pasta dishes, and other recipes.

How to Use Feta Cheese?

Feta goat cheese can be sliced or crumbled, and it is a very versatile cheese that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Feta Cheese Salad.

French Beans

French beans are a great vegetable that starts with the letter F.

What Are French Beans?

French beans are a type of green bean that is named for its country of origin. The beans have a rich and slightly sweet flavor, and they can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of different dishes.

How to Cook French Beans

French beans come from the same family as snow peas and sugar snap peas, and they are often used in stir-fries, curries, soups, or stews. They can also be enjoyed roasted or sautéed with other types of vegetables.

French Beans In A White Plate.

Fuji Apple

The Fuji apple is a variety of apple that was developed in Japan. The apples are large and have red and green skin with white flesh. Fuji apples are crisp and juicy, with a sweetness that pairs well with savory dishes.

Fuji Apples.

Frutti Di Mare

Frutti di mare is a type of Italian seafood stew that contains different types of fish, shellfish, and other ingredients. The dish is typically cooked in a tomato sauce with different herbs and spices to create a rich, flavorful broth.

Frutti Di Mare In The Pan.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are a southern dish made from unripe tomatoes coated in breadcrumbs and then fried.

What Do Fried Green Tomatoes Taste Like?

The tomatoes have a tart, slightly sour flavor that becomes sweet when cooked. Fried green tomatoes are often served as a side dish or an appetizer.

How to Fry Green Tomatoes?

To fry green tomatoes, you will first need to slice the unripe tomatoes into slices. Next, dip them in a batter of flour and eggs, and then fry them in hot oil until golden brown on both sides.

Fresh Green Tomatoes.

Ful Medames (Egyptian Fava Bean Stew)

Ful medames is a traditional Egyptian dish that is made from fava beans and served over rice. The stew has a creamy texture and contains spices, such as cumin and coriander, as well as lemon juice or olive oil. It can be topped with different garnishes, including herbs or caramelized onions.


Fennel is a herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. The herb has a bulbous base with long, green leaves and is part of the carrot family. Fennel has a sweet, anise-like flavor and is often used in cooking.

Can I Eat Fennel Flowers?

The fennel plant also produces small, yellow flowers that can be used in cooking as well. Overall, fennel is a versatile ingredient that is popular in many different types of cuisine around the world.

Fresh Fennel.

Frito Chili Pie

Frito chili pie is a popular southern dish that consists of a layer of Fritos topped with ground beef and cheese, as well as other ingredients. The dish is baked in the oven to create a crispy crust on the Fritos and a melted cheese topping.

How to Make Frito Chili Pie?

To make frito chili pie, you will need a layer of Fritos or other corn chips, ground beef, onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes, canned chili beans, cheese, and sour cream.

  • First, brown the ground beef in a skillet, and then stir in the onions, garlic, and bell pepper.
  • Next, add the tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes to the skillet, along with the canned chili beans.
  • Cook until everything is heated through and then transfer to an oven-safe dish.
  • Top with cheese and Fritos, and then bake in the oven until the cheese is melted and the Fritos are crispy. Serve with a dollop of sour cream, if desired.
Frito Chili Pie On A Wooden Table.

Frozen Yogurt 

Frozen yogurt is a cold dessert made from low-fat or fat-free milk and yogurt, which is then mixed with fruit, sweetener, and other ingredients. The dessert is typically served in a cup or a cone and can be topped with different sauces and fruits to customize the flavor.

What Are the Benefits of Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is a nutrient-rich dessert that contains calcium and protein, along with other vitamins and minerals. It can also be lower in fat than ice cream and other frozen desserts, making it a healthier option for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without consuming too many calories.

Frozen yogurt popsicles with Berries.

Frijoles Charros (Mexican Cowboy Beans)

Frijoles charros is a popular Mexican dish that is made from pinto beans, chorizo, and bacon. The stew has a rich flavor thanks to the fatty meats and can be served on its own or as a side dish with other foods.

Frijoles Charros In A Bowl.


Fenugreek is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. The herb has small, yellowish-green leaves and a strong, pungent flavor.

Uses for Fenugreek

Fenugreek is often used in curries and can also be used as a spice. It can be ground into a powder and added to dishes for an extra boost of flavor, or it can be used fresh in salads and other dishes.

Fenugreek Laddus.

What Does Fenugreek Taste Like?

The leaves of the fenugreek plant are also edible and have a mild taste similar to celery.

Fava beans 

Fava beans are a type of legume that is native to the Mediterranean region. They have a nutty flavor and can be used in a variety of dishes, including soups, stews, and salads.

Are Fava Beans Healthy?

Fava beans are a good source of protein, fiber, and vitamins A and C and are sometimes known as broad beans.

Fig Leaves 

Fig leaves are the leaves of the fig tree. They have a slightly bitter taste and are often used as a spice or herbal tea. Fig leaves are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as minerals.

Figs On Leaves.

Fried Chicken Livers

Fried chicken livers are a tasty dish that is made from chicken livers that have been breaded and fried. The livers are usually seasoned with various spices, such as pepper or garlic powder, to give them a bold flavor. They can be served on their own as an appetizer or main course.

Fried Chicken Livers

Fried Plantains 

Fried plantains are a type of dish made from ripe plantains that have been peeled and cut into slices. The slices of plantain are then fried in oil, which gives them a crispy texture and slightly sweet flavor. Fried plantains are popular as an accompaniment to savory dishes or on their own.

Are Fried Plantains Healthy?

While fried plantains are a good source of fiber, potassium, and other important vitamins and minerals, as long as you consume them in moderation, they can be a healthy addition to your diet.

What Oil to Fry Plantains In?

The best oil for frying plantains may vary depending on factors such as the type of oil you are using and your personal preferences. Some popular options include coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and canola oil.

Raw Fresh Plantains.

Filipino Chicken Stew

Filipino chicken stew is a popular dish that is made from tender pieces of chicken in a rich broth. The stew also contains vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes for added flavor and texture. It can be served on its own or with a side of rice.

Filipino Chicken Stew In A White Bowl.


Flaxseed are tiny seeds that comes from the flax plant.

Is Flaxseed Healthy?

Yes! Flaxseed is rich in fiber and antioxidants. Additionally, flaxseed has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing cholesterol levels and improving digestive health.

Flaxseeds In A Bowl.


Funghi are a type of mushroom that has a earthy flavor. They can be used in soups, sauces, or as toppings on pizzas or other dishes.

How to Pronounce Funghi?

The correct pronunciation of funghi is FOO-nee.

Making Funghi Pizza

Funghi are low in calories but high in nutrients such as selenium and copper. They are great for making pizza as they add a rich flavor and texture to the dish.

To make funghi pizza, simply top your favorite crust with a tomato sauce, cheese, and plenty of sliced funghi. Bake in the oven until golden and crispy, then serve hot.


Fried Pickles

Fried pickles are a popular appetizer or snack in the United States. The pickles are traditionally sliced into spears and then dipped in a batter made from flour, cornmeal, and spices before being fried. The fried pickles have a crispy exterior with a tangy flavor inside.

How to Reheat Fried Pickles?

One of the best ways to reheat fried pickles is in the oven. Simply place your leftover fried pickles on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees until they are warm and crispy.


Fruitcake is a type of gourmet food that contains dried fruits, nuts, and spices. This cake can be baked or bought pre-made from a bakery. Fruitcakes are often given as gifts during the holiday season.

Fruitcake Ready To Eat.


Fondue is a French dish that consists of melted cheese, wine, and spices, into which bread or vegetables are dipped. It is typically served as an appetizer or main course.

Swiss Cheese Fondue

The most popular type of fondue is Swiss fondue, which is made with Gruyere and Emmental cheese. This Swiss melted cheese dish is often served with bread and other dipping foods. Try this easy Instant Pot Fondue recipe here!

Swiss Cheese Fondue.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue is a sweet dessert dish made from melted chocolate, cream, and various additional ingredients such as fruit or marshmallows. It is often served in small pots for sharing with others and can be eaten using skewers or bread cubes.

Foie Gras

Looking for foods that start with F, try Foie Gras!

What Is Foie Gras?

Foie gras is a type of gourmet food that is made from the liver of a duck or goose that has been fattened up through a process known as gavage. This delicacy is popular in France and other parts of Europe and is often served with a sweet sauce or jelly.

Foie gras sushi.

What Does Foie Gras Taste Like?

Foie gras has a rich, buttery flavor and silky texture that is unlike any other food. Its taste is often described as rich, savory, and indulgent.


Flounder is a type of fish that is low in fat. It is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Flounder can be baked, grilled, or fried.

Does Flounder Have Bones?

No, flounder does not have bones making it a great fish to fillet and cook. Flounder is often served with a sauce or lemon juice to complement its mild flavor.

Flounder With French Fries And Salad.


Have you tried Filbert? A nut starting with the letter F.

What Is Filbert?

The filbert is a nut that is native to Europe and Asia Minor. The nut has a brownish-black skin with creamy white flesh. Filberts are often used in baking and can also be eaten raw or roasted.

Are Filbert and Hazelnuts the Same?

No, filbert and hazelnuts are not the same. While they are both types of nuts, hazelnuts have a softer texture and sweeter taste than their filbert counterparts. Filberts are also smaller in size compared to hazelnuts.


How Many Foods That Start With F Have You Tried?

Whether you’re a fan of exotic foods or prefer simple, home-cooked dishes, there are plenty of delicious foods that start with F to try. Which of these foods are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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