So this post comes with a big announcement. Ok, it might not be super big for you guys, but it’s pretty big for me, which is why I wanted to mention it while sharing my tips for switching to safer beauty products.

If you’ve been following me since the beginning of Eat Your Beets, you might remember my posts about when I switched from being a Clinque 3 Step System girl to an Oil Cleansing Method/Crunchy skin care enthusiast (WOW those posts were literally covered in dust. Watch out!) I can easily say the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) changed my life. But like any pivotal point in our protagonist’s story, it wasn’t the end. It was actually the beginning.

After learning I didn’t need all those perfectly packaged products full of seemingly innocent (but actually quite dangerous ingredients), I went down the rabbit hole! I loved OCM. I still do. But after awhile, admittedly I got a little bored. I longed for the days of potions & products, cleansers & toners, scrubs & more. Sure I could make some of those things myself but I am highly averse to the smell of ACV & deep in my heart, I’m a girly girl who loves good packaging & trying something new. I wanted something that was not only natural but, if I’m totally honest, I really just wanted something that worked.

Ahhhh, that little hang up of mine. Something that worked. Yes, I admit. I wanted more natural, safer skin care & beauty products but what mattered more was how effective they were. I guess this is the part where I tell you, progress not perfection, has become my motto. Even now, I still use salon hair products simply because they work & I haven’t been able to find a safer contender.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried lots of safer, more natural beauty products. I’ve scanned the EWG website looking at ingredients & more. I can’t count the dollars I’ve spent looking for skin care & make up that would perform like the heavy hitters but not give me a dose of toxicity during every application. Let’s just say, I left a lot of natural beauty products at the bottom of my trash can because they just didn’t measure up.

Frustrated, I kept up with my OCM but slipped back into my old habits of store bought makeup. I honestly thought there wasn’t a safer, more natural option… until a few months ago.

I’d been hearing all the buzz around Beautycounter. Oh, let me also mention another thing. I’m totally not a bandwagon-er. If something is the ‘NEW THING’, I don’t wanna do it. I stick my head in the sand & cover my ears. It can’t be great, I don’t wanna try it, I’m not a sheep, I do my own thang…. Basically, I have a terrible attitude…

My friend convinced me that she wanted to send me some samples & basically, because it felt rude to say no, I said yes. Then I added in, but don’t expect me to become a consultant! I’m not doing that. I’m not doing that.

I tried the samples & couldn’t believe it. I even started talking to people about Beautycounter – “high performance makeup in a safer, more natural formula” – kept coming out of my mouth over & over. I’d been using Nars, Sephora & other big name brands & suddenly, I had these products that were not only transparent about their ingredients, their insistence on stricter legislature concerning chemicals but also actually WORKED? What was this unicorn????

Before I knew it, over the course of several months, I’d completely revamped my entire routine. Beautycounter was now the star of the show. From skin care to makeup, I slowly transitioned everything over to safer, more natural products that oh yeah… actually worked.

It was the products, it was the mission, it was the people. I knew I wanted to be able to become a part of this movement. I was happy to be a customer but I actually fought joining Beautcounter for a long time. I tell you that because I felt really torn about finally becoming a consultant but in the end I realized this: it’s not about peddling makeup; it’s about making waves in the current landscape of our beauty products. My daughter loves playing in my makeup. I apply sunscreen to all of my kids every summer. After recovering Arthur from severe eczema, I still have to bathe his skin at night. Every little bit helps & every small change you can make adds up to even bigger changes. I was ready to make some changes.

My 5 tips for safer beauty products


My best tip for transitioning thru this process is to start slow. Find one thing you totally love or one thing you’re almost out of & use every day & start there. Maybe it’s moisturizer. Maybe it’s a new face wash you’re looking for. Maybe you just finished that tube of tinted moisturizer or BB cream & you’re looking for something new. Start small. Don’t feel like your transition has to be all or nothing. It doesn’t. Just like any new habit or change, taking small bites will eventually lead you where you want to go. If you’re ready to overhaul your entire beauty routine, start with the items you use most often!


Uhhhhh, did someone say samples! Yes, they did. I can honestly say receiving samples was one of the best ways I was able to find out about something new. Now, not everything is available for sampling which is why I looooove the fact that Beautycounter offers a 60 day return policy. Curious about a product? Let’s chat! You can shoot me an email or send me a snap (goeatyourbeets on snapchat).


You can ask me allll day long what some of my favorite products are & I’ll tell ya. Some of them aren’t even made by Beautycounter (yet!!). When someone loves something, you can tell. If you’re curious about a cream blush or a charcoal mask, ask around! I guarantee people will give you plenty of well loved product recommendations. Having someone you trust who truly loves a product is invaluable especially since there’s nothing more frustrating a product that’s a dud. So go on, ask me!


My best friend loves a recommendation. In fact, that’s pretty much her compass for making a decision. But not everyone is like that & that’s why I like to let people know where to go to educate themselves. One of the things I love about this safer skin care revolution is that companies like Beautycounter thrive on transparency. Got questions about fragrances or dyes? Ask em. Wanna know what the terms ‘natural’ & ‘organic mean’? Let’s find out! Start with the EWG’s website (they also have an app!) where they rate specific products & brands! Another great place to find out info is Beautycounter’s FAQ section.


Treat yourself to something a little special. Maybe it’s a bold lip color you’ve been secretly wanting to splurge on. Maybe it’s some bronzer because you’ve always wanted to try that. Maybe you’d love some extra pampering (you know you work hard!) so you’d like to relax with a bath & a sugar body scrub. The wonderful thing about branching out to new safer products is that it doesn’t have to be boring! So go crazy & have fun!