If I’m totally honest, my favorite thing about summer is all the fruit. When we hit the grocery store, I load up on as much as I can! Stone fruit, berries, I’m not picky, just gimme all the fruit! I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to highlight my favorite summer blueberry recipes!

My summer blueberry recipes

1. Gluten free Blueberry Peach Pie

Can we start with what might be my very favorite pie ever – Gluten free Blueberry Peach Pie! GAH. The ooey gooeyness. The berries, the peaches, the duck fat crust!!! If you haven’t taken a couple hours to make this (good stuff takes time, friend) then I highly recommend you do. But only if you really want people to love you & invite you over. For pie. You made.

2. Gluten Free Fruit Cobbler

Up next, for summer blueberry recipes, another glorious dessert – my Gluten Free Fruit Cobbler. I first made this recipe last summer using fresh cherries from my in-laws cherry tree. It came out so great, I whipped up another one the next day to take to a family gathering. Because I was able to make several variations of this cobbler crust I noted the different gluten free mixes I used & which I preferred. I’m always trying to create recipes with you guys in mind so I asked once, what people prefer – to use a premade gluten free flour mix or to mix their own gluten free ingredients at home. While there was a good bit of info from everyone, the majority of you told me that typically, regardless of what a recipe calls for (in terms of brand or flour mix) you use the gluten free flour substitute that you prefer! Because of that, I try & create a combination of recipes that include DIY ingredient blending at home & some that call for an all purpose gluten free flour.

3. Lemon & Blueberry Gluten Free Galette

Now for one of my favorite things to make in the summer based on sheer versatility & ease – Lemon & Blueberry Gluten Free Galette. Galette is French for ‘lazy dessert’. Just kidding! It’s called rustic, people. Rustic means you don’t care that it starts to look like shh…… it shhhhoulda been more lovingly prepared. The more rustic it looks, the better it is. Bonus points to you, my friend, should you go outside the box & just throw any old fruit into this galette. You literally cannot go wrong here.

4. Dairy Free Triple Berry Pops

Let’s bring up a sweet little number that your kids will adore & it has next to no sugar involved. I know, crazy, huh? These Dairy Free Triple Berry Pops will have your kids cheering your name! I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are insane for anything frozen. I’m not kidding. Doesn’t matter what it is. I find half cups of milk stuck in my freezer all the time simply because freezing something turns it into magic, apparently.

5. Gluten Free Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Last, but not least, my favorite weekend brunch recipe that will literally please everyone – Gluten Free Blueberry French Toast Casserole. Make this one easy on yourself & grab a loaf of gluten free bread, make this the night before & pop it in the oven the next morning. Sit down to breakfast to a round of applause. You are awesome.