I enjoy cooking. Obviously, considering I have a food blog.

But I know there are so many people who don’t enjoy cooking. They may do the daily cooking because, you know, people actually have to eat. But they don’t glean any real joy from cooking. And to those same people, cooking for a group of people? Forget it. Worst thing ever.

I get it. I’ve talked in the past how my grandad was the cook of the family. My grandmother really disliked cooking. Heck, even my best friend doesn’t really enjoy cooking. So what’s a hostess to do who hates to cook? Does that mean she will never be in the running for hostess with the mostess? I say no.

In fact, I have some of the best tips for the holiday hostess who hates to cook. So good, I may even use them this year.

3 Tips for who hates to cook on holiday


This is the 3rd year I’ve been invited to sample Whole Foods holiday catering menu. Being a part of this event for the past 3 years has taught me a few things. First, they keep the menu current. They’ve updated menu items to reflect popular tastes by adding things like Pumpkin Almond Wontons & Wild Mushroom and Chestnut Soup & a new Vegan Roast. But they’ve also kept all the popular favorites that people know & expect like Roasted Turkey, Classic Mashed Potatoes & Organic Turkey Gravy. The portion sizes are impressive & the options are extensive, featuring vegan, vegetarian & gluten free options.

If the hostess who hates to cook is looking for well thought out, creative menu ideas that will feed a wide variety of tastes & diets, Whole Foods can’t be beat. Not only do they cover literally every dish from appetizers to desserts, they’ve also got everything in between. Eggnog, butter, pie crusts, or gelato, fresh herbs, wine, coffee & more!


So the hostess who hates to cook now has no menu worries. Whole Foods Market has literally taken care of every single item including the turkey, which can arrive precooked or raw depending on how adventurous our hostess is feeling on the day. So what’s a girl to do while she’s not slaving away in the kitchen? Mix up some cocktails, of course! At this year’s event, we were treated to a couple of stellar cocktails from another local blog, GastroNom.

I am the girl who loves craft cocktails. I love them. But I am mildly afraid of creating anything myself at home because the whole cocktail mixing situation seems so foreign to me. Until now! I sampled two delicious cocktails that are seriously so simple to make, if I can do them at home, you can too!

Need a knock out punch that can fit into a fish bowl & satisfy a rowdy crowd? Check out Holiday Honey Punch! (SO GOOD. I made this for Thanksgiving!)

Need an classy cocktail that can impress any novice or experienced tippler? Check out Rosemary’s Pear.

What if you’re hosting a group of teetotalers (or in my case, teeny tiny, humans)? Not to worry! Whole Foods has an impressive array of bevies including sparking fruit juices, cold brew coffee, kombucha & eggnog (dairy free options as well) that will have everyone feeling merry!


We know the hostess is usually the one receiving the gifts, but I can’t help but mention my favorite part of heading to Whole Foods around the holidays – their gift section. Of course they carry gifts, clothes, candles & books year round but there’s something especially nice about knowing your purchasing a gift that gives back around the holidays.

Whole Foods carries an impressive selection of natural body care items, nail polishes, soaps & more. For the men in your life, why not pick up some PACT long johns or a Krochet Kids beanie hat?

I couldn’t resist picking up a Paddywax candle for myself this year & it’s been one of my favorite things I’ve gotten all year. Seriously! A candle! It’s the little things…

And of course, my favorite Pacha Soap. I have quite the collection of bars as well as liquid soaps which make perfect stocking stuffers!

And for the little ones on your list, Whole Foods always seems to have a wide array of Melissa & Doug items as well as books (I picked up a Curious George Christmas book). Check out their Krochet Kids baby beanies or Burt’s Bees pajama sets.