If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your brows would be the window treatments. And we’ve all seen how the right curtains can round out the most beautiful room, right! I’ve been a brow believer for quite some time & even when I’m not doing a full face of makeup, I still make time to pencil my brows in because they really do frame your face so well. I’ve been asked a lot for an eyebrow tutorial recently, so I thought I’d share this one I did for my Facebook group but if you don’t have time to watch, you can still quickly read thru my 3 tips for flawless brows!


1. Start with the right foundation

 I know this might cut right to the heart of some of my DIY girls, but I have to be honest. Sometimes, I like to leave things to the professionals. Eyebrow shaping is one of those things. In a pinch, I’ll wax or gently pluck the area between my brows, but when I need professional shaping, I’m ok with putting myself into the hands of a very trained & capable professional. Let’s say you’re still questioning this (just trust me) here’s a great example. My brows are the result of some major over plucking in my youth. Seriously, what was I doing?? Also, brows, in general are not ever going to be symmetrical – but they can look very uniform when done well. One of my brows has this great, dramatic arch. The other one is more of a rolling hill. Having a good professional shape my brows gives them the best chance to not only grow out as much as possible (they’ve really reached their peak…) & look as uniform as possible. So, I always say, seek out a recommended pro (ask for friend’s recommendations or head to Yelp). You won’t regret it. Also, if you have a tendency to break out after a wax like I sometimes do, this Soothing Oil has been amazing for clearing up those pesky teeny tiny pimples that can come with waxing.

2. Get the right tools

 For ages, I actually used a powder & brush to line my brows, until Beautycounter came out with a brow pencil. I love that this pencil comes in 3 versatile colors (meaning I can actually wear any of the three & they all look great). The pencil has a spoolie brush at the end to brush out your brows before you get started. Something else to note, when pulling such deeply pigmented colors, lead can be a serious concern. That’s why I love knowing Beautycounter tests every batch of color cosmetics for heavy metals. I also make sure to sharpen my pencil every time I use it. It keeps my lines more precise. I adore this super simple, inexpensive, metal sharpener.

3. Pencil like a pro

So, once I have my pencil super sharp, I use my eye/nose as a guideline. This has been really helpful in penciling my brows & giving them a natural look. I just imagine a line drawn up from the side of my nose or corner of my eye to start my brow, then make my arch at about a 60 degree angle, then imagine another line towards the end of my brow, but I’m usually adding some length there (see: over plucking) … I’m not great with geometry, so just watch the tutorial or check out the quick iPhone shot I took & put some lines on!