Ooooooooooook, so let’s just point out the elephant in the room, shall we? I recognize that most people aren’t looking to an almost 40 year old, suburban, mother of 4 to tell them the 3 beauty trends to embrace in 2021. Unless maybe you’re also an almost 40 year old, suburban, mother yourself.

Now that I have my target audience tuned in (hello, is it me you’re looking for…?) let’s get to this.

Even if you don’t feel like you have your finger on the pulse of fashion & beauty, chances are, you’re still an unsuspecting victim. Just like any trend that trickles down, there’s a reason it becomes a trend. A small section of people do it, some more people do it. And then, awhile later it finds it’s way down to the little people (ie, you & me). Just think about it. How many of us rock our skinny jeans? How many of us let our poor, over plucked eyebrows grow out? All these trends started somewhere. So see, you’re trendier than you thought. Well done, you.

So let’s have a minute to acknowledge the things we’re all looking forward to seeing more of in 2021.



It has to be said, nothing feels more #girlpower to me than red lipstick. But in truth, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with red lips. Or dark lips, in general. Part of me always felt like red lips screamed – Hey, look at me! Here I am!! And I guess it took awhile for me to realize, if that’s the case, it’s actually ok. Why wouldn’t I want people to notice me?

The truth of the matter is that, regardless of my lip color, people probably aren’t looking at me as I saunter through Target or pick my kids up from school. So, if no one’s looking anyway, what was I scared of? The trick to finding a bold, beautiful red is looking for a color that’s got good pigmentation but also can be applied lightly in case you’re not fully committed yet. You also want something that will be an instant teeth whitener because nothing (& I mean nothing) can really make your teeth look yellow like the tone of a red lipstick! YIKES! I love this Scarlet Lip Sheer from Beautycounter. Not only is it ridiculously moisturizing but I can layer it, depending on how bold I want the color. Feeling a little nervous still? Let me introduce you to my friend, the gateway red, Ruby Lip Gloss from Beautycounter. Ruby is sheer enough, it’s more of a gloss but it’s that baby step towards a bold red lip that you’re craving! Plus, you can layer Ruby over Scarlet for an even deeper red color if you’re really going for it!


I’m sure some of you guys are out there thinking, well duh! I never wear makeup! But, for the longest time, I have. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE me some makeup. Seriously, I love it. But for a really long time I didn’t feel confident to go without makeup because my skin didn’t look the greatest. I’ve suffered with acne prone skin for a really long time. I was the girl putting everything she could think of on her pimples – including toothpaste. You know that’s some minty desperation right there. I also have sun damage & a bit of hyper pigmentation from hormones/sun. Add in some smatterings of redness & you might be able to see why going without makeup was low on my priority list.

Over the past year, I’ve found a skin care routine that’s really been working well for me & for the first time in my almost 38 years, I’m actually choosing to go without makeup. Kinda weird. But awesome.

Along with nailing down my skincare routine was finding some items that have made a world of difference. The first is this Balancing Face Oil from Beautycounter. This oil has been miraculous for my oily prone skin. I just add 2-3 drops into my daily moisturizer & it’s completely changed the oil production on my face. Like, reversed it! I almost feel like I can’t say I have oily skin any more… that’s how beneficial it’s been!

My other daily, must have item is the Rejuvenating Toner Pads from Beautycounter. Along with making my overall complexion more even, it’s made my pores smaller & helps to erase acne scars!

If you’re curious about my AM/PM skincare routine, check out my video I did for my Facebook group!


Wanna know the last time our government passed a major law regulating the cosmetics industry? Ermmm, that wold be 1938. I know. That’s shocking, especially since we know big cosmetics companies are using things like asbestos, lead & other hormone disrupting chemicals. But… did you know that? Maybe not. First, companies actually don’t have to completely disclose everything they are using in their formulas. In fact, they can use greenwashing terms like ‘natural’ (when it isn’t) or ‘organic’ (even if only one ingredient in an entire product is actually organic) because, again, there is no legislation in terms of using that verbiage.

Wanna know how many chemicals the EU has banned from their cosmetics industry? Over 1400. And how about us, in the United States? Yeah, that number would be 30. Only thirty chemicals that we’ve decided to ban.

Let’s make transparency & safer choices for everyone a thing in 2017. This was a huge reason I joined Beautycounter in 2016. I absolutely feel like safer choices should be available for all women. We are smart. We are discerning. Tell us what is in our products & let us choose if they are right for our families. Beautycounter has a Never List they are proud to say they will not use in any of their products. They also have a list of all the ingredients they do use, so you’ll never get lost searching for something.

Not only is Beautycounter EWG verified, we also continue to lobby for more legislation concerning personal care product in our government. Vote with your dollars.

So what beauty trends are you looking to embrace this year? Let me know in the comments!