Every year, I think of doing some kind of gift guide. I’ve done gifts that give back, I’ve done gifts for the home cook…. This year I knew I had several ideas floating around in my head but how to combine them… It took awhile for me to think it through & I finally decided on an all encompassing Healthy Living Gift Guide.

Ya see, there were clothing items, makeup, skin care, cook ware & home items I wanted to include. To me, it made sense to let these all fall into the Healthy Living umbrella because let’s face it, if your goal is healthy living you’re probably thinking about not just your personal care & home items, you’re also thinking about people & planet. At least, that’s what my goal is. So if you’re buying for someone else or looking for a list to send to your secret Santa, I’ve got you covered.


Essential Oil Diffuser 

A few years ago I decided to ditch almost all candles. Instead we opt for diffusers & let me tell you, they are way superior in almost every way. First, if you’re covering smells, it’s one of the most efficient way to do that. Second, a teeny bit of oil in a diffuser can carry scent way further than most candles. Not only that, you can combine oils for energy, meditation & even cold & flu season. Stuffy nose? Get your kiddo a diffuser.

Salt Lamp 

Ok, ok, ok… So, salt lamps may seem a bit hoaky to some people but can I be honest? I love mine. Let’s put our skeptic hat on & say it doesn’t actually improve your air quality. Let’s say it will never reduce your allergies or improve your mood. Even if there’s a tiny chance none of those things will happen, I still love the way it looks. I keep one on my desk. And it’s a much softer nightlight for kiddos who might be scared of the dark.

Cast Iron Skillet

You guys, a cast iron skillet is the gift that keeps on giving. A few years ago, much to my husband’s dismay, we ditched all our non stick cookware (although I will admit we do still have one skillet for when guests come over & don’t want to use our normal skillets). I have one cast iron in particular that is basically an heirloom. It was my grandmothers & may have even belonged to her mother. Yes, it’s that old & and still cooking like a boss. So, not only are you getting the benefits of buying one skillet you can literally pass down to your children (how’s that for reducing waste?), you’re also staying away from a non stick cooking surface that could potentially leach into your food.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker 

Ok, in full transparency here, I myself just got an Instant Pot. I bought it over Black Friday (well, I handed my phone to my husband with the Amazon app open & said, I want this for Christmas). So, while technically, I do have an Instant Pot, mine is sitting in a box waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. Sheesh, rules. Anyway, I think every friend of mine has one. So, I’m a late bloomer but basically, word on the street is, this is a glorious, magical cooking machine that will make your food (I mean, you still gotta cut stuff tho) in mere minutes. Not like the slaving over the stovetop cooking you were used to… today. Basically, make more home cooked meals in less time. Spend less money on ‘fast’ food. It’s Instant Pot fast now. PS, based on very reliable information from all my Instant Pot owning friends, we got the 8qt for our family of 6.

Safer Skincare

You guys know I love me some Beautycounter. If you’re working so hard to keeping your home & kitchen clean, shouldn’t your bathroom be just as important? Think about how many personal care product you use every day from shampoo, to toothpaste to lip gloss… they really start to add up. Since your skin is your largest organ, you should definitely be treating it right. Two of my absolute favorite items I use daily are the Nourishing Day Cream & our Peppermint Lip Conditioner.

Cleaner Makeup

Your makeup is one of the top offenders of ingredients that humans should never have in their body. Yes, I said in! Since we know our skin is our largest organ, your body is constantly absorbing ingredients in the many formulas of products you may be using. Heavy metals, parabens & more potentially lurk in your makeup that can not only cause general irritation to your skin, eyes or lips but also to your overall health. The good news is, you can still dabble in plenty of safer, cleaner makeup options with a company that’s excluded over 1400 questionable or harmful ingredients from their list. In the past few months I switched all of my makeup over to Beautycounter & I couldn’t honestly be happier with the products I’m using. For the first time, ever, I’ve found safer products that also perform well. All day mascara, yes, thanks! Beautiful lip colors? Raises hand! For an entire color palate that will knock your socks off with eye shadow, cheek color, bronzer + a highlighter, check out this Winter Dream palette. And don’t miss my favorite lip gloss of the season – Fig!

Tadesse Bucket Bag

Since starting my minimalist closet, my clothing & accessory purchases have been super important. For me, part of living a healthier life over all means that 1, I consume less resources with my purchases & 2, I try my best to make purchases from fair trade, ethical companies, companies with a mission or companies that give back. I’ve been looking for a new cross body bag for awhile since I mainly carry a Sseko tote. I LOVE my tote. Love IT. But let’s be honest. With 4 kids & sometimes a dog in tow, I really need to be hands free. I came across FashionABLE on Facebook awhile ago & immediately fell in love with all their leather items. I just recently ordered the Tadesse Bucket Bag in Cognac & couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Here you can read more about FashionABLE’s mission & their B Corp company (PS, Beautycounter is also a B Corp company!).

Droplet Necklace from Noonday

Minimalist, modern, a great price point & made from upcycled metal & artillery in Ethiopia, this Droplet Necklace is one I’ve worn almost every day since it arrived in my mail box. I’m even giving it as gifts this year – that’s how much I love it! The artisans who make this necklace for Noonday are former prostitutes who have gone through a rehabilitation process & then are able to choose a vocation like making necklaces or other jewelry.

The Cotton V from Everlane

If I could put my finger on my ultimate uniform, it would probably include this Cotton V from Everlane. I have 3 of these & wear them constantly. They wear beautifully, wash even better & last forever. They look good to sleep in, they look even better with a half front tuck & some skinny jeans. Heck, pair them under a blazer with a statement necklace. I just looked down & I’m actually wearing one right now as I type this post! Plus, you’re supporting a company that prides itself on transparency & sourcing.