Ready to start improving your food photography today?

What if you could get noticed for your images? What if you had the confidence to take your food blog to the next level, ensuring top brands would seek you out & you could create a space online where you’re well known for consistently delivering beautiful images?


When I first started my food blog I felt totally overwhelmed. I couldn’t turn my thoughts into reality. I could envision shots of delicious looking food but once behind the camera, my shots came out flat, lifeless & sad. Everything I thought I knew about food photography was wrong & I felt like I’d need to spend thousands of dollars on photography gear if I ever planned on achieving a perfect shot. Thankfully, I was wrong. Once I taught myself some simple skills, I started getting noticed for my food photography & it was finally something I was proud of.

I’d love to be able to share those skills with you!


Trisha Hughes, Eat Your Beets

My name is Trisha & I'm the girl behind the lens at Eat Your Beets. I teach food bloggers how to confidently capture the shots that allow them to inspire an audience & create a blog people know & recognize.

When I first started my blog I had little to no food photography knowledge. In fact, my images were downright embarrassing. I loved starting my blog & couldn’t wait to bring people together over delicious food but how would people ever find me? I knew my images didn’t look great & I longed to cultivate a food blog that people would love! I wanted to get noticed for my images & gain the sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing I’m bringing people together through the beautiful experience of sharing food.

I started looking around & taking note of what all the top food bloggers were doing. What was the one thing they all had in common? What I realized was that, while they all had their own strengths & different areas of expertise, the one thing that constantly stood out to me was they all had beautiful food photography.

Once I taught myself how to use white balance, styling, composition & post processing editing techniques in regards to my food shots, suddenly everything changed. I started getting noticed for my food photography & it was finally something I was proud of! I can’t tell you how many opportunities I’ve gotten simply because someone saw my images & said – We love what you’re doing!

Many people will tell you that you don’t need to have great images to have a successful blog. But what I’ve discovered is the fastest way to guarantee a successful blog, grow your audience & stand out among the crowd is through having consistently amazing images.

Why spend any more time feeling defeated & frustrated when you can start making changes today that will not only ensure you create a beautiful blog but that you’re setting yourself apart? People are waiting for the gift that only you can provide them with your recipes & creativity. But how will they ever know if you don’t create images that stand out in a crowd? It’s time to stand out today!





  • How to start off with the best foundation! Take your camera off ‘auto’ with step by step instruction on the basics of manual mode. You’ll gain precision control so you can make your vision a reality.
  • Once you apply my tips on white balance you’ll never run into the common mistake of having a blue or yellow image again.
  • Learn how to be mindful when choosing & buying your gear so you aren’t wasting money.
  • Find out how to use both natural and artificial lighting to draw in your viewer and make your photos stand out.
  • There are enough boring images online, don’t let yours be among them! I show you the basic rules of composing compelling images.
  • Learn my proven secrets in styling your shots & the art of storytelling.
  • How to avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome” by steering clear of common pitfalls when building a functional prop closet.

Learn the secrets to beautiful images that helped gained me over 100k Instagram followers! #winning

Over 30 minutes of step by step video instructions to teach you the most important skills for using Lightroom 5




Not only does Trisha have great technical mastery of photography and a wonderful, whimsical creative eye, she excels when it comes to teaching others how to achieve the same. In her book Eat Pretty Things, Trisha walks side-by-side with you as you learn everything from choosing a camera to styling your shots to manipulating light. Eat Pretty Things is full of gorgeous tutorials that are equal part inspiration and education. It’s the resource I wish I had when I started my own food photography journey. — Steph,


When I was taking my first steps into photography, beyond a point and shoot, Eat Pretty Things helped me get started on the right path. Trisha's eBook explains the basics in a clear and precise way which was especially important for me! — Adriana,


Buying Eat Pretty Things was a turning point for my blog. I knew I had the recipes and information people were seeking, but I also knew that attracting readers with beautiful pictures was absolutely key. Despite having zero experience in photography, Eat Pretty Things was able to walk me through everything I would need to create a stunning food image. It taught me how to stage, create texture, and properly photograph my many many other things. I would highly recommend this ebook to anyone looking to learn to take pictures of all the pretty things they eat. — Taesha,


Food photography really intimidated me until I read Eat Pretty Things.  From the moment I sat down to read the very first page, I couldn't stop until I reached the end!  Everything from the beautiful images to the generous information had me running to grab my camera to capture something scrumptious as soon as I read the final page.  Best food photography eBook ever!! — Bethany,


Because I believe this ebook is the ultimate guide to food photography & I stand behind it 100% I want you to know that if at any time, within 14 days of purchase, you feel this ebook isn’t for you simply email me, no questions asked & I will issue you a full refund.